Pairing WINE with Bookstores, Schools, & Parishes

As we roll out The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real, WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is excited to work directly with Catholic Bookstores first – because we recognize and appreciated the tireless work you do in the vineyard!

To help in the work of Evangelization, WINE has created a Wonderfully Real Storytime, complete with videos, crafts, and even treat ideas! WINE provides a free Wonderfully Real Storytime Leader’s Guide to help you host a fruitful event at a bookstore, school, parish, or home.

Wonderfully Real Storytime

The WINE Wonderfully Real Storytime pairs superbly with Catholic bookstores, schools, parishes, or any event that aims to teach children the beauty and truths of the Catholic Faith. Following the book, The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real, this unique story time is the perfect way to bring hearts of all ages closer to the heart of Mary and, thus, closer to her Son.

Hosting a Wonderfully Real Storytime in your bookstore is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Order copies of The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real.
  2. Download the Wonderfully Real Storytime Leader’s Guide, materials, and video.
  3. Promote your event, inviting parents and boys and girls of all ages.