Walking with Mary: A Scripture Study with WINE

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“Walking with Mary: A Scripture Study with WINE” is a meditation on God’s word from Genesis to Revelation designed to bring us closer to the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son, and the spouse of the Holy Spirit—the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each week, we will focus on Scripture passage about Mary, reading and praying it daily and recording what the Lord is saying to us in our Called by Name WINE Journal. We will reflect on words of wisdom from our sisters in Christ about that Scripture and respond to the questions provided for a lively small group discussion. As with all things WINE, we will gather in the Virtual Vineyard to rejoice and share our experience with the Word of God, encourage one another along the journey, and hear from the author of the Scripture reflection.

Read the Scripture each day. Set a specific time and place, and enter into the Scripture. In the Gospel, we read that Jesus “went out to a lonely place, and there he prayed” (Mark 1:35). In Greek, that lonely place is Eremos Topos. Find your quiet, peaceful place, your Eremos Topos, and set a time each day to go there and read the Scripture for that week. Reading the same Scripture each day for a week allows you to enter into an intimate relationship with Mary. Ask her to be with you.

Record what the Lord is saying to you. We recommend using the Called by Name WINE Journal, as it is perfectly designed to capture insights that come through Lectio Divina (praying the Scriptures.) This is a beautiful time with the Lord, so make it beautiful! Decorate your journal with the stickers that come with it. Use a different color pen for each week. Draw, doodle, or color the margins. Be creative and have fun.

Reflect on the words of your beautiful sister in Christ. Eight women of WINE have provided a reflection on a Scripture passage about Mary. You will find these reflections, along with questions for small group discussion, and an introduction to each author in your “Walking with Mary Scripture Study Guide”— a downloadable pdf you will receive weekly. Our wonderful contributors are — Alyssa Bormes, Maria Morera Johnson, Teresa Tomeo, Sharon Perkins, Kelly Wahlquist, Dr. Mary Healy, Liz Kelly, and Leah Jacobson.

Respond by answering the questions provided in your “Walking with Mary Scripture Study Guide” for a lively small group discussion. Share these insights when you gather with your own small group, or when you join us in the Virtual Vineyard each week!

Rejoice with women all around the country! From Sept. 22 – Nov. 17, each Wednesday evening, we will gather from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm CST in the Virtual Vineyard to share our insights and to hear a teaching from the author of that week’s reflection.

How it Works

  1. Invite your bible study group, your book club, or your friends to join you. Gather with them weekly and watch the lessons on Wednesday evening, or watch on your own. (As radically relational women, we just think it’s more fun to be together whenever we have the opportunity to do so!)
  2. Register online and for just $25 you will receive links to all nine webinars with the author in the Virtual Vineyard, eight weekly Walking with Mary Scripture Study Guide PDFs, a discount code for the Called by Name WINE Journal, and a password to our private Walking with Mary interactive webpage. (That’s just $2.77 a week!) If you miss a lesson in the Virtual Vineyard, be not afraid—a link to the replay will be sent to you along with the Study Guide for the following week.
  3. Join Us as we journey with eight women of WINE to meet and spend time with our Blessed Mother in Sacred Scripture on a quest to walk ever closer to her. Imagine how powerful Advent will be this year after spending eight weeks with the Seat of Wisdom, Mary!

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Weekly Reflection, Accompanying Video and Wednesday Night Webinar with contributors Dr. Mary Healy, Teresa Tomeo, Alyssa Bormes, Maria Morera Johnson, Kelly Wahlquist, Liz Kelly, Sharon Perkins, and Leah Jacobson.

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The flyer provides an overview and explanation of Walking with Mary: A Scripture Study with WINE—the Fall 2021 WINE Book Club Webinar schedule.


Leader’s Guide

The leader’s guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to organize and lead an engaging and enriching book club group.


Recommended Additional Resource

The WINE Journal contains beautifully designed pages that allow you to capture your thoughts on the Marian Scriptures with WINE’s Lectio divina prompts. Use the stickers to highlight special moments in your journal.

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Fall 2021 Schedule

Walking with Mary Webinar and Reflection Schedule for the National WINE 2021 Fall Book Club in a PDF downloadable format.


Lectio Divina Guidelines

WINE prompts for journeying with the Scriptures each day from the Called By Name WINE Journal.