The Harvest is Plentiful tour

On May 31, 2020, two of the greatest feast days that define WINE: Women In the New Evangelization occur at the same time
the Feast of Pentecost and the Feast of the Visitation.

In honor of this amazing pairing,
WINE is celebrating with a concert in the virtual vineyard!


The concert will be a webinar in the WINE Virtual Vineyard with “live” hosts Kelly Wahlquist, Kitty Cleveland, and Marie Miller,
with special guest appearances by Teresa Tomeo and various musical performers.

This event will combine stories and songs, teachings from Scripture, and inspirational witnesses of what it means to be “women in the new evangelization.” The goal is to welcome, encourage, and inspire our audience while elevating our beautiful sisters in Christ who have shared their incredible musical talent with WINE over the years.

Date: May 31, 2020

Time: 8 PM – 10 PM, EST

Location: WINE Virtual Vineyard

Register HERE:

Cost: $10 (scholarships available)

Musical Performances by:

Kitty Cleveland

Marie Miller

ValLimar Jansen

Lorraine Hess

His Own

Annie Karto

Liz Kelly

Jaime Thietten

Amanda Vernon

Featured Speakers include:

Alyssa Bormes
Deb Hadley
Allison Gingras

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been part of WINE from the beginning, or if you are just now joining us in the vineyard, WINE and its founder, Kelly Wahlquist, are proud to bring this virtual concert and webinar to everyone during this time of physical separation. It is our hope that you will gather with your friends and enjoy the event—virtually, or six feet apart, if need be!

Invite your friends now!
One invitation can have an eternal ripple effect!

Coming Soon … links to all musical guests and speakers, Spotify playlist, and more!


Can you help a little Non-Profit out? A donation as little as $10 keeps the WINE flowing.


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