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Join us for the Read Between The WINEs Summer Book Club ~ Who Does He Say You Are?


It’s easy to do!   Simply follow these four steps….



Each week the book club will cover two chapters. On Mondays, beginning June 19th, two insightful and encouraging reflections for each of that week’s chapters will be posted and emailed directly to you.  Don’t miss these or any other special Summer Book Club notices.  Sign up here —> WINE Emails


Why order through the online WINE shop? Simple. Your purchase through the WINE shop supports all the wonderful work of WINE ministries.

A little about this great book: Who Does He Say You Are?  by Colleen C. Mitchell captures the essence of twelve women’s encounters with Jesus in the gospels and shows how their stories answer the crucial question of identity, not only “Who am I?”, but “Who does God say I am?”.

Each chapter extends an invitation to connect in a personal way to the Scriptural narratives and understand in a deeper way our identity as women. Weaving personal memoir, Scriptural meditation, and opportunities for personal reflection, the book invites women to enter more deeply into an intimate, transformative union with Christ and discover more fully that the heart of their identity is in how deeply loved they are by God.

**Note: This Read Between the WINEs book club option does not have a journal. However, you will find lots of extra support with the weekly reflections and virtual community.


Gather some friends together to read and meet in person to discuss Who Does He Say You Are? We are here to help – WINE makes it fun and easy to do!

  1. Invite your friends and/or a few fellow parishioners to join you for an 8-week book club
  2. Purchase the  BOOK  from the WINE shop
  3. Become a WINE MEMBER (There are various membership levels)
  4. Sign up for our weekly WINE EMAILS
  5. GROUP LEADERS: If you are leading a book club small group, be sure to click the box on the Summer Book Club email form and sign up as a WINE ENTHUSIAST, which will allow you to receive added support.
  6. Like us on FACEBOOK
  7. Join the WINE Book Clubs Facebook community


This supportive community brings women together from across the country (and the world) who are reading Who Does He Say You Are?  Whether in a WINE group, or on your own, each Monday from June 19th to August 7th, you will receive a WINE email with reflections written by a dynamic team. These reflections are to guide you in your reading. On our summer book club blog page, the comment section will be a place to share your thoughts.

If you are on Facebook, search for “WINE Book Clubs” and request to become a member of the lively book discussion! WINE encourages you to join the conversation! Studying the faith with others has so many incredible benefits including encouragement, accountability, new found friends, and it is fun – just to name a few!


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