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The essence of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is to meet women in their need and to nurture, encourage, and support them on their journey. Today, our sisters in Louisiana are in great need. Please consider joining us in reaching out to them in a special way.

Due to the floods, many of our sisters in Christ in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette dioceses have lost their homes, their businesses, their livelihood. Some have lost their loved ones.

Seeing this devastation, WINE wants to reach out and help our sisters in the south. So, through much prayer and discussion, an idea was born to give what we have—to give our simple loaves and fishes.

WINE is asking our friends to intentionally pray for those affected by the floods. Offer a Rosary, Holy Hour, Mass, or special intention for all suffering in Louisiana. Ask your favorite saint to intercede … And do this every day.

Also, WINE is hosting a Catholic Women’s Conference in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, on October 15. It is a day for women to come together and be encouraged, nourished, prayed for, inspired, pampered, and immersed in the mercy of God.

WINE is inviting our friends to donate to the Restore the Vineyard scholarship fund, which will pay the conference registration fee for women affected by the floods. 

We trust that many will be blessed by these funds, which will allow them to attend a day of fellowship, as they take a break from rebuilding their homes and allow others to rebuild them spiritually.

When I mentioned the idea for the Restore the Vineyard campaign to a friend in Louisiana she replied, “If someone would have offered me such a gift after Katrina, I would have burst into tears of gratitude. I longed for, and so could have used, a day like that, surrounded with women of faith.”

Friends, this is our time to give to our sisters in the south! This is our time to help restore their vineyard and give them a hope and a future.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in our efforts. Please know that if they could they would do the same for you. To donate, simply click here: Restore the Vineyard.

Sincerely, Your Sister in Christ,
Kelly Wahlquist
Founder of WINE