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The Catechism of Hockey Bundle


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Bundle includes “The Catechism of Hockey” book, bookmark, and companion journal/study guide – A $31.00 value!


Why does hockey have so many rules? Do we still need to have penalty boxes? Can’t we get rid of offside? Anyone involved in hockey-players, parents, fans would never take any of these questions seriously. Without the rules, there would be no hockey. And without the drills, there would be no thrills. And yet Catholics ask similar questions about the Church all the time. Why does the Church have so many rules? Why do we have to go to confession? Why do we need priests? The Catechism of Hockey is one of the most unlikely, but effective Catholic resources for the New Evangelization.

If you are doing this with friends, you will definitely want the “Companion Journal & Study Guide” because it beautifully divides each of the chapters into 6 sessions that cleverly spell out HOCKEY.

Session 1 How to Begin
Session 2 Overcoming Obstacles
Session 3 Choosing to Follow
Session 4 Keepsakes Along the Way
Session 5 Eternal Goals
Session 6 You and Others
Each session in the “Journal & Study Guide” consists of four major parts:
  • Keeping Score (Area for personal note taking for each one of Alyssa’s chapters, whose titles are also given by WINE into Catholic Faith titles. This is a great place to put down your a-ha moments—moments when you say to yourself, “Cool! I never knew that.”)
  • Work the Power Play (Four questions are provided for spirited and lively discussion for your small group experience.)
  • Practice Prayer (A Scripture that correlates with each section is highlighted with a guided lectio divina. You’ll also find a weekly prayer to be said each day and with your small group.)
  • Review the Play (A weekly Ignition-like Examen allows you to give thanks for your blessings, recognize God’s movement in your life, ask for help improving your “game” and help you look forward to the next day.)
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