At the Feet of Jesus

By Anni Harry     The alarm goes off and the mad dash to start the day begins. By mid-day, I am up to my eyeballs either in demands of the family or demands of work. There once was a [...]

We Are Not Defined by Fear or Shame

By Jeannie Ewing     The first memory I have of life was when I was three years old. I lived with my parents in a ranch-style home in southern Kentucky, and everything evoked fear in [...]

Weapons for Righteousness

By Caralyn     One of the hardest things about growing up is having your eyes opened to things your younger-self never worried or thought twice about. Some call it a loss of innocence, [...]

Judging, Burdens, and Resting

By Carol Younger     Today’s scripture selections are hard to read.  It’s easy to ask ourselves as we read: Am I a judgmental person? Am I guilty of the same things I judge others for? [...]

Pray for Holy Priests

By Sherry Brownrigg     On the day of my brother’s ordination to the priesthood, I watched him in awe as the sacred ceremony unfolded. He prostrated himself, received his vestment and [...]

“Jesus, I Trust In You”

By Lynda MacFarland   I’ve been reading the psalms lately and really trying to apply them to my life. Turns out it’s not that hard. Psalm 11 is about trust in God. I work on this ALL the [...]


By Sarah Christmyer   Photo by TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay.   It’s been almost 20 years, and “9/11” still socks me in the gut when I see it on the calendar. Right away I’m back in [...]