“Jesus, I Trust In You”

By Lynda MacFarland   I’ve been reading the psalms lately and really trying to apply them to my life. Turns out it’s not that hard. Psalm 11 is about trust in God. I work on this ALL the [...]


By Sarah Christmyer   Photo by TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay.   It’s been almost 20 years, and “9/11” still socks me in the gut when I see it on the calendar. Right away I’m back in [...]

Rededicating the Days

By Anni Harry     The days of my life are frantic, harried, and blurring together. Like the cousin in “Mary Poppins Returns,” many days I get a feeling that my world has turned [...]

The Gift of Friends Who Pray for You!

By Sharon Wilson     Earlier this month my husband had a close call with death.  A tumor, overactive parathyroid gland and a Calcium level of 20 (normal is 8-10) caused my husband to [...]

Early Birds get grumpy as the day wears on

By Carol Younger     We know this gospel parable too well. Often, we listen with one ear closed, oblivious to its focus on the landowner. The landowner goes out in the morning, hires [...]

When Weakness Becomes My Strength: The Power of Grace

By Allison Gingras As a mother, I make a lot of mistakes. In some ways, it is my mom superpower. While that may seem a negative assessment of one’s motherhood, I consider it a fair and [...]

You are a Super Woman too!

By Sherry Kennedy Brownrigg     When I was a little girl, I created a character called Super Kennedy. Super Kennedy was different than little Sherry Kennedy. Super Kennedy could run [...]


By Alyssa Bormes     It was 10:30ish at night, and my phone rang. I answered, “Hi Mom.” In her very distinctive low voice she said, “Well, happy birthday! I almost forgot.” A little [...]

Cultivating good soil in our souls by removing the rocks and thorns

By Susan Klemond     As I prepared to plant vegetables in a sunny corner of my yard this spring, I heard the dull sound of my spade hitting large rocks. That’s not a gardener’s favorite [...]

Barefoot on Holy Ground

By Sharon Wilson     I used to do all of the “environment” at our parish.  Environment is a more exact way of calling the decorating of the church.  We use that term to differentiate it [...]