The Combination

By Alyssa Bormes My whole bag was packed – my swimsuit, the kickboard, a towel, shower flip-flops, and the assorted other stuff that one takes to the gym. Fantastic! This new commitment to [...]


By Sarah Christmyer   In my experience, there are two things certain about April: taxes and trout season. I’m not sure which I dread more. One, because it falls to me to weed through the [...]

Create in Me a Clean Heart

By Kelly Wahlquist          A clean desktop on my iMac makes life seem less stressful and offers a good metaphor for life: Clean your heart, simplify your life! There’s always been [...]


By Heidi Hess Saxton In today’s responsorial psalm (Psalm 69), we read the words of a heartbroken leader. “Insult has broken my heart, and I am weak, I looked for sympathy, but there [...]

Dancing in the Flames and Fire

By Sharon Wilson Today’s first reading has all the trappings of an excellent Cecil B. DeMille movie… Complete with Charlton Heston cast in a leading role!  We have the three followers of the true [...]

Listen To Him

By Karen Sheehy  In last Sunday’s Old Testament reading, we read about Father Abraham, our father in faith, the father of the Jewish Nation and promised Messiah, Jesus. As Christians, we are all [...]

In Light of Littles

By Kate Anderson I was four years old when I blew out my first birthday candles. My parents did favor the flaming pillars of life celebration, and any caregiving figure from my childhood knows my [...]

Roses are Red… Love is Dead

 By Angie Koenig You might think I’m a cynic when it comes to love; you’d be semi-right. I’ve been a single lady my entire life and before I understood how my singleness is actually a gift, I [...]

Jesus, the Wedding Banquet and the Bride.

By Karen Sheehy   Don’t you just love a good saga, one filled with intrigue, love, betrayal and an unexpected hero who saves the day? In today’s Old Testament reading, we find the first part [...]