He Was Walking Me Home

By Kate Anderson   “You look at churches like I look at pie.” I squinted at my observant fella, keenly aware of the truth in his words. Call it hysterical, cringe worthy, or cute, but it was [...]

The Our Father: How it Teaches Us to Pray

By Sarah Damm   “Lord, teach us to pray …” (Luke 11:1) For most of my life, The Lord’s Prayer has not been my favorite. And I am not sure why. After all, this is the prayer Jesus taught us! [...]


By Deborah Kendrick   Integrity is the essence of the first readings on this day.  Of God’s integrity there can be no question.  Our life’s work is to bring ours into accordance with His.  [...]

Taking a True Look in The Mirror

By Sara Kohl   The first reading today is one that I hear so often, that I often associate it with memories rather than actually receiving the words in my current reality. For example, when [...]


By Sarah Christmyer     Rushing to the car with a cart full of groceries, I hit a pothole.  Not a big one, just big and deep enough to grab a front wheel. The cart flipped forward, and [...]

We Work, He Converts

By Lisa Mladinich St. Paul was no wimp. He was revered by the early Christians and could have easily freeloaded on their charity. Yet he wisely sets an example of virtue. He and his fellow [...]

Mary, Queen and Mother, Shows Us How to Open Our Hearts to Jesus

By Sarah Damm     “Close your eyes after Holy Communion,” Father Andrew instructed. “Let yourself feel the loving embrace of Jesus.”   The time after Holy Communion is powerful, [...]

Real Forgiveness is RARE

By Marge Fenelon   In elementary school, my religion teacher told us that we must forgive others because, if we don’t God will not forgive us for our offenses. That shocked me. There were [...]