Proclaim It on Distant Isles!

By Karen Sheehy     Reflecting upon today’s readings, I was immediately brought back to the island of Borneo where my husband and I vacationed for the better part of June. “Hear the [...]

Take Me Away

By Kelly Wahlquist     One of the reasons WINE began and continues to flourish is because WINE recognizes that women are too busy to “reinvent the wheel!” As such, WINE relies on the [...]

Can You Drink the Cup?

By Heidi Hess Saxton   The mother of the sons of Zebedee, in some traditions known as Mary Salome and is thought to be one of the three women at the foot of the cross, is among my favorites [...]

7 Suggestions for Holy Family Inspired-Travels

By Kate Anderson For any vacationer who has ever lamented their perfect plans going awry, Our Lady and St. Joseph can relate. Their annual Jerusalem journey took a turn when the child Jesus [...]

Helping Each Other in Times of Struggle

By Sarah Damm   Opening my inbox, I saw the email waiting for me. I knew what it would entail, before I even read it. Your deadline is approaching. Please submit your article ASAP. Panic set [...]


By Deborah Kendrick     In my fortieth year of professing the Christian faith as a Pentecostal, I crossed over the Jordan River and entered the “Promised Land” of the Roman Catholic [...]

How Discovering the Prodigal Son’s Brother Changed my Faith Life

By Allison Gingras   What I know about the Prodigal Son If you asked me just five years ago, “Are you familiar with the story of the Prodigal Son?”  I would have quickly responded, [...]

I Can’t do it!

By Sharon Wilson   There are certain times of the year and certain seasons in my life where I find I am overwhelmed.  This seems to be one of those times! A month or so ago my husband had [...]