My Beautiful Mom

By Sherry Kennedy Brownrigg   My mother and I look just alike. When I walk down the street in her small western Nebraska hometown, people have stopped me and said, “You must be Sarah Jane [...]

Unexpected Buddies: Karol and Robert

By Alyssa Bormes So, I was just doing a little research on Kit Kat bars, which makes sense because the 20th of May makes me think of my mom. Whoa – I feel like I lost some of you just now. Stay [...]

Pruned from the Vine

By: Caralyn   Well, here we are. I’m going to be honest; it’s incredibly strange to be writing this article today: on April 13, trying to imagine where we’ll be a month from now, on May 13 — [...]

Super Cop No More

By Melanie Rigney   I’m the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter. I laugh and tell people who ask why I didn’t have children that that line of hyper-responsible, [...]

Looking for Evidence

By Hilary Scheppers The Gospel Today “It is my Father’s will that whoever sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and that I should raise that person up on the last [...]

Be Astounding

By Lori Ubowski   Three days after Easter and I’ve secretly raided each of my kids’ Easter baskets at least five times a day (my will power crumbles at the sight of Reese’s [...]

What Judas Missed

by Lindsay Schlegel     It’s Mostly About Him As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve come to realize that growth in Lent is more about what we allow God to do in us than in what we try to do [...]

No Fooling Challenge

By Lucy Johnson No Fooling This year, I resolve… Perhaps it’s due to my age and stage in life, or maybe it’s because my resolutions aim for spiritual growth, but I’ve been keeping the New Year’s [...]

Becoming a Yes Girl

By Kate Anderson   “Yes, yes, yes…!” The memory remains a delirious, ecstatic fog, but I’m pretty sure I triple-accepted when my Beloved posed that life-changing question on bended knee. [...]