When Weakness Becomes My Strength: The Power of Grace

By Allison Gingras As a mother, I make a lot of mistakes. In some ways, it is my mom superpower. While that may seem a negative assessment of one’s motherhood, I consider it a fair and [...]

You are a Super Woman too!

By Sherry Brownrigg     When I was a little girl, I created a character called Super Kennedy. Super Kennedy was different than little Sherry Kennedy. Super Kennedy could run faster than [...]


By Alyssa Bormes     It was 10:30ish at night, and my phone rang. I answered, “Hi Mom.” In her very distinctive low voice she said, “Well, happy birthday! I almost forgot.” A little [...]

Cultivating good soil in our souls by removing the rocks and thorns

By Susan Klemond     As I prepared to plant vegetables in a sunny corner of my yard this spring, I heard the dull sound of my spade hitting large rocks. That’s not a gardener’s favorite [...]

Barefoot on Holy Ground

By Sharon Wilson     I used to do all of the “environment” at our parish.  Environment is a more exact way of calling the decorating of the church.  We use that term to differentiate it [...]

An Ocean of Grace, a Heart without Fear

By Angie Koenig     Earlier this spring, I was blessed to be able to take a two-week vacation to Australia.  Before this trip, my feet had never left American soil.  One of my good [...]

“Go, Make Disciples”

By Lynda MacFarland     I read somewhere a while ago, “If you don’t join in Jesus’ mission, you are just an admirer of Jesus.” It wasn’t attributed to anyone, but I really like it. As [...]

Good Fruit

By Melanie Rigney       Every Thursday after work, I stop at the local farmers’ market. It’s like going to a party—music, pizza, sandwiches, beer, wine—and of course, the fruits [...]


By Sarah Christmyer     “This is going to be the shortest homily you’ve ever heard,” our priest announced. It was the 6:30 a.m. Mass, and he wanted to reassure the crowd gathered for [...]