May is for Mary Gardens

By Elizabeth Tomlin   WWMP? What Would Mary Plant? May! It’s the month of Mary, and we’re already halfway through.  Parishes are honoring Mary with May Crownings and daily rosaries.  We, [...]

Easter Conversion Continues…Today!

By Carol Younger     Easter’s here! You’d think that the world would just open like Jesus’ tomb, the world would come to believe, and real peace would break out everywhere!  I mean, [...]

Winner, Winner, Easter Dinner!

By Kelly Wahlquist I saw this meme the other day on social media and found myself smiling… for a plethora of reasons.  First, I thought of how boys eagerly turn anything into a competition; [...]

But we know it’s Jesus

By Lynda MacFarland     As we approach Good Friday, I am sharing meditations for the Sorrowful Mysteries that may be hard to read and contemplate, but I think we need to endeavor to deeply [...]

Not Getting LENT Down

What grand plans I make every Lent hoping to make each day jam-packed with spiritual practices! Morning prayer Scripture reading Daily Mass Family rosary Liturgy of the Hours Along with those I [...]