In Light of Littles

By Kate Anderson I was four years old when I blew out my first birthday candles. My parents did favor the flaming pillars of life celebration, and any caregiving figure from my childhood knows my [...]

Roses are Red… Love is Dead

 By Angie Koenig You might think I’m a cynic when it comes to love; you’d be semi-right. I’ve been a single lady my entire life and before I understood how my singleness is actually a gift, I [...]

Jesus, the Wedding Banquet and the Bride.

By Karen Sheehy   Don’t you just love a good saga, one filled with intrigue, love, betrayal and an unexpected hero who saves the day? In today’s Old Testament reading, we find the first part [...]

Choices and Consequences

By Heidi Hess Saxton Slowly I hung up the phone and took a deep breath before calling my teenager from upstairs. For the third time that week, I’d received a complaint about disruptive [...]

An Ordinary Life of Christian Devotion

By Karen Schwaner Sheehy   About three months back, I watched in gratitude as my sixteen-year old son, Joseph, was Confirmed. Today’s saint, and Joseph’s Confirmation Patron, is St. Francis [...]

Desert Finds – A Tale of Two Tonys

By Kate Anderson Being geographically lost is a rare talent in this era of Google Maps. Too bad there isn’t a GPS to offer direction when we experience loss of motivation, purpose, and meaning. [...]

Top 10 Spiritual Resolution for 2018

By Sharon Wilson It is January 10th and we may or may not have kept our New Year Resolutions.  Many people make resolutions to lose weight, exercise or save money, but what about our spiritual [...]

Odd Gifts for a Newborn

By Kelly Wahlquist     Kool & the Gang must have had this time of year in mind when they sang, “Celebrate good times! Come on!” The past 10 days have been celebration upon celebration: [...]


By Deborah Kendrick   Being only three days old, the tiny infant Jesus is hungry and like all newborns is being fed night and day.  Because of the shepherds’ report, there is a constant [...]

A Visitation in the ICU

By Kitty Cleveland On Memorial Day this year, I ended up in the ER with a dangerously slow heartbeat–somewhere between the 20’s and 40’s.  They pumped me full of nausea-inducing [...]