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Wind Down and Prepare Your Heart this Advent with Mary

Find Kelly’s reading Marian Scriptures on the Hallow App under Bible Stories, on Sleep All, and on Bible Stories

This Advent WINE is excited to have a unique role in Hallow’s #PRAY25 challenge as we journey with Mary! After all who better to lead us in preparing for Christ’s birth than His mother? And what better way to prepare for a more intimate relationship with Jesus than to immerse ourselves in Sacred Scripture!

The #PRAY25 challenge will include WINE’s own Kelly Wahlquist reading the Scriptures that speak to Mary from Genesis to Revelation. Kelly who is a big fan of winding down the day with the Hallow App will be featured reading the Marian Scripture Passages in Hallow’s “Sleep Bible Stories.”

Inspired by these Scriptures WINE created the unique bible study “Walking with Mary: A Scripture Study with WINE.” This popular 8-week study features reflections and teachings from some incredible women of WINE such as Teresa Tomeo Dr. Mary Healy Liz Kelly Maria Morera Johnson Sharon Perkins Leah Jacobson Alyssa Bormes Allison Gingras and Kelly Wahlquist. (This study, complete with weekly downloads and video teachings, will be available on January 1, 2022, for all!)

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