Pentecost: Just Wait

By Dianne Davis I’m writing this just a couple of weeks into the Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. I live in New York, where we have the highest outbreak in the Nation. We were one of the first [...]

The Ultimate Elevator Speech

By Lucy Johnson     Early in my career, I belonged to several professional organizations. We often worked on developing an elevator speech to use as a recruiting or marketing tool. The [...]

And Then One More

By Cynthia Elder   I was having a conversation with God this morning. We were discussing the things on my heart that were causing me anxiety. Then I brought up this pandemic and I told him [...]

The Wrong Way

By Hilary Scheppers Hopping the fence is the wrong way to enter the swimming pool, wouldn’t you agree? But I did enter it that way once before. I climbed over the chain-link fence and dropped [...]

I Love Bread

By Sharon Wilson I love bread. Flatbread, french bread, banana bread or pita bread, you name it, I’ll eat it! I crave just about any type of bread, and I love it plain, sweet or savory. I [...]

Becoming a Spirit-Filled Woman

By Marge Fenelon I’ve often said, “There’s nothing as beautiful as a Spirit-filled woman.” There’s something about the way she carries herself and relates to others that allows me to spot her [...]

More Than Meets the Eye….

By Carol Younger Reading the Easter Gospel Scripture, the first thing that I saw was many repetitions of the word saw. Very early, in the garden shrouded in darkness before full daybreak, Mary of [...]