Lilies, Edie, and Unending Hope

My cousin recently disclosed to me his longtime crush on Edie, a sweet little girl from his 2nd-grade class. Ironic, as I pen this blog post for the feast day of St. Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta [...]

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By Lori Ubowski It’s impossible to turn on the television or stroll through your favorite store without running into the promise of “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” [...]

Pearl of Great Price

By Katie Taylor   My husband and I are not gift-givers; bluntly, it is not our love language, but he has surprised me with a handful of jewelry gifts over the years that have brought much [...]

Finding My Prayer Voice

By: Caralyn     I don’t know about you, but I often chuckle when I think about how naive I was at the beginning of “all this.” Back at the beginning of March, I believed that the world [...]

Quarantined in a Paris Attic

By Emily Cavins   Who would have thought that I would have been handed a three-month (and counting) sabbatical? Most often, when someone is offered the luxury of time off, a lot of planning [...]

Disjointed Thoughts

By Alyssa Bormes   Oh – I have nothing to say – there are just disjointed thoughts spilling forth. It is my father’s birthday today – and I remember his hugs – and they were so strong and [...]