Jesus I Trust in You: Putting Out Your Net

By Allison Gingras “If you are going to trust God, then trust God.” These wise words were spoken often by my beloved spiritual director, Deacon Jerry Ryan; who passed away in January. [...]

Keep Trying!

By Emily Cavins     Just when you thought your eloquent explanation would be a big hit, you learn that not only did it fall of deaf ears but you were greeted with eye rolls and [...]

Festina Lenta – Making Haste Slowly in 2019

By Elizabeth Tomlin   At 12 am on January 1, 2019, my family gathered around the TV screen to watch the ball drop in Time Square.  Droves of people, saturated from spending the day in [...]

Do Whatever He Tells You

By Caralyn, of BeautyBeyondBones     “Do whatever He tells you.” John 2:5. Ah, the Wedding at Cana. If the Gospel had a “Top Hits” billboard list, then this story would easily be in the [...]

New Life in Christ 

By Karen Sheehy     Today is the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. This event, although always significant to me, seemed to take on greater importance in the wake of two very important [...]


By Jeannie Ewing There have been plenty of seasons in my life when I felt I was on a desert sojourn – traveling somewhere, wandering maybe, but not really knowing my destination. The days and [...]

Anna and the Christ Child Story

By Carol Younger   I LOVE ANNA!  I really love Anna.  She reminds me of that lovable grandmother whose first grandchild’s photos and visits can’t arrive often enough or quickly enough.  She [...]

The Wilderness

By Lucy Johnson     In this week’s Gospel, Luke reintroduces us to John the Baptist as a voice crying out in the wilderness.  For some reason, I have always been attracted to the [...]