By Elizabeth Westhoff       We just left the spiritually rigorous season of Lent. We should be exhausted, tired and hungry. We spent 40 intense days facing our mortality, our [...]

Grateful for Hospitality in the Pew

By Elizabeth Tomlin     When was the last time you visited a new parish?  Did you feel welcomed by an usher holding the door, or the smile of the Eucharistic minister?  Or did you feel [...]

Returning to the True Vine

By Hilary Scheppers     In today’s gospel, we hear how the son takes his father’s wealth and squanders it. We hear how the son wastes the father’s fortune on lavish and material things [...]

Free to Fiat

By Kate Anderson   My doubts were no match for her mountain-moving faith. “Come with me!” she implored. I had to agree, the Lord had been inviting me to spend more time with my sister and [...]

Lucky to be YOU!

By Elizabeth Tomlin     Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?  I developed a knack for finding four-leaf clovers through years of practice.  You see, I am [...]

Fighting temptation with a two-edged sword

By Susan Klemond     The start of Lent seems a little like New Year’s to me. Both dates are new beginnings that we mark by resolving to make life changes. While our New Year’s [...]

Asceticism for the Extravagant

By Alyssa Bormes     I don’t think anyone has every accused me of being an ascetic. The closest I can come to the life of self-denial is perhaps… well – I can’t think of anything. So [...]

Just As

By Angie Koenig As much as a strive to be Christ-like, I have to say that I often times find myself relating much more to St. Paul than to Jesus.  When I read the words Jesus speaks in today’s [...]

Unplug and Let Go

By Sherry Brownrigg     Last month I suffered a concussion. I wish I could say it happened while I was saving a sweet old lady from a purse snatcher or some other daring feat where it [...]