Live Life Chronologically

By Lori Ubowski     I’ve always been the planner, organizer, coordinator, and host of so many things that make it seem like I always have it all together. I have fond and proud [...]

Our lives are not accidental

By Susan Klemond     Have you ever felt you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? While taking a walk my neighborhood one evening this summer, I waited at the edge of a street for [...]

Deliver me, Jesus

By Sharon Wilson For about eight years, I worked as the Respect Life Coordinator for my Archdiocese. My employment came during difficult times for the Archdiocese and caused me to struggle with [...]

Carry Each Other

By Elizabeth Tomlin     Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in too much hard stuff . . . like there is so much going on in your life, that you can’t possibly do anything else?  In the [...]

Increase Our Faith

By Anni Harry   Have you ever heard the advice: don’t pray for patience because then the Lord will give you opportunities to build your patience? Today’s Gospel reading starts off in the [...]

The Old Nun and the Dominican

By Alyssa Bormes     I suppose it was Mother Angelica who asked me the question first, and Father Paul Murray was the latest to ask me; in between there have been a number of others as [...]

Accepting God’s Yes

By Lindsay Schlegel     Have you ever had God answer a prayer with a “yes” and then struggle to accept his generosity? For the last six years, my husband and I have lived in his [...]


By Carol Younger   Two words jumped out at me in these readings, at the beginning of the Gospel: tax collectors and sinners!  And yet, these were “all drawing near to listen to Jesus….”  Are [...]