Diverse and Different and United!

By Sharon Wilson     A while back I worked at a parish that had a tradition of reading the Mass readings in a variety of different languages on Pentecost Sunday.  This tradition points [...]

To the Men who Open Doors

By Angie Koenig     For most of my life, I have done everything imaginable to avoid needing help.  “Can I help you with that?” “Oh no, thanks, I got it!” – My consistent response [...]


By Sarah Christmyer     Maybe it was anonymity that made us talk so deeply, this woman and I. A chance meeting led to coffee and then a day spent painting together. We stood at our [...]

My To-Do List

By Michelle Jones Schroeder     I’m a to-do list kind of girl so when I start on a project the first thing I do is make a list of each step that will be required to complete it. As the [...]

Creating Delicious Memories

By Sharon Wilson This Mother’s Day marks 8 years since my mother succumbed to cancer.  I miss her and think of her often. When I think of my mom, my mind usually turns to food or the family [...]

The Perfect Catch

By Debby Giusti   Have you ever tackled a project, expecting to succeed, only to fail? If so, you can probably relate to Peter in today’s gospel reading, John 21:1-19. He and a few disciples [...]

Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

By Karen Schwaner Sheehy     Jesus meets us where we are. He longs for each of us to recognize Him and say, as Thomas did in the upper room, “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). Through [...]


By Deborah Kendrick We are stewards of the most wondrous mystery known, not only to mankind, but also to the angelic authorities.  For it is us, who were created a little lower than these angels, [...]


By Elizabeth Westhoff       We just left the spiritually rigorous season of Lent. We should be exhausted, tired and hungry. We spent 40 intense days facing our mortality, our [...]