Assuming the roses were from Mama

By Kate Anderson     Her garden looked nearly the same, but three years had changed everything. I want to rejoice in all the Glorious Mysteries that she and her Son have worked in my [...]

How to Get Middle School Kids to Read the Bible

By Sonja Corbitt     We home school our kids. We took our oldest out of public school in second grade for academic and social reasons that seem unique to our state and county. He [...]

“And all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!”

By Lynda MacFarland     When I was living in Vilseck, Germany as an Army wife and mom about 20 years ago, I was blessed to be a cast member in the community theater’s production of the [...]

Saving the Innocent

By Caralyn     Innocent.  It’s a word that drums up a lot of emotion for many.  Some jump to Adnan Syed, of the Serial Podcast, or even OJ Simpson. Others will recall the innocence of [...]

Mary and Martha: Are We One or the Other … Or a Little of Both?

By Sarah Damm   Have you ever been asked the question, “Are you a ‘Mary’ or a ‘Martha’?” It’s a loaded question, isn’t it? How are we even supposed to answer it? As women, many of us [...]

Plan. Walk. Reminder. God’s got this!

By Lucy Johnson     Today’s Gospel is about the Good Samaritan.  Jesus told this story as an answer to the question “who is my neighbor?”   Normally, when I hear this reading, I ponder [...]

Kissing Romance Goodbye

By Rose Sweet     Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of real love. —Karol Wojtyla (St John Paul II)[i]   I fell in love for the first time when I was seventeen. [...]


By Deborah Kendrick     As you read these words, a multitude are completing the Novena to Saint John the Baptist, whose Feast Day is June 24.  John is an incomparable saint: a birth [...]