Quitter’s Day

By Sharon Wilson     Today is dubbed as “Quitter’s Day” and marks the day that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions, including me. At about this [...]

Fair[l]y Godmother & Entirely God’s Daughter

By Katie Anderson     They’ve come in droves this year—one joyful announcement after the next—the babies are coming, the babies are coming! No complaints on my part 😊 The [...]

Following Yonder Star

By Katie Taylor     I recently left my job.  Well, it was more of a career, a lifestyle, and, honestly, a central element of my identity. I was an Air Force officer and had served for [...]

The Struggle of Detachment

By Allison Gingras Detachment is not my superpower. My past attachments have included clothing, shoes, children’s movies, and music CDs. My basement and attic once filled with things I [...]

How to Remain Present to the Advent Moment

by Sarah Damm   We arise this morning, and welcome a new day … a new week … a new season … a new year. All around us, we notice the changes this newness brings. Sitting on the kitchen table, [...]

Here Comes the Bride. . . Finally!

By Rose Sweet     I was in my forties when I realized that all my life I had only been “dating” God when he had been waiting for my full “marital” surrender. I thought I was intimate [...]