“Everything’s Coming Up Rosie with WINE”
Join author Teresa Tomeo, WINE founder Kelly Wahlquist, and women of WINE from all around the country for our Fabulously Feisty book club complete with videos from Italy!

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🌹 This book club is perfect for:

  •  Parish small groups
  •  Home book clubs
  •  Do-it-yourselfers

🌹 Organize a group in your parish or gather some girlfriends in your home and join Teresa Tomeo & Kelly Wahlquist in the virtual vineyard (online videos) for a spirited interactive discussion! Each webinar contains two short and fun teaching videos from Italy as well as a “Cooking with WINE” video that demonstrates how to make some of Rosie’s favorite Italian dishes. (Recipe cards with QR code to the cooking video are available, too!)

Gathering Suggestion: Plan an hour for your small group discussion and then watch the webinar together, or you can choose to watch the teaching and cooking videos separately from the webinar. It’s all up to you! For access to the videos, simply download the Rosie Book Club Outline with Video Links.

The interactive webinar videos include the following:

🇮🇹 Fun conversations with the author

🇮🇹  Beautiful videos filmed in T’s motherland, Italy

🇮🇹  Entertaining WINE guest hosts

🇮🇹 Q & A with participants

🇮🇹 Great Italian recipes and tips

🇮🇹 Cooking with WINE video

🇮🇹 WINE surprises!

  • Note: Sale offers on webinar not applicable when watching via video replay

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