Each Year WINE will offer new books in our Read Between the WINEs Book Club, and three times a year (spring, summer, & fall) you can join us as we offer our Read Between the WINEs Book Club online! This is the perfect place to learn how to run a successful New WINE small group, to glean insights for your own small group, and to meet women just like you who are enthusiastic about WINE.

Each book is a simple read for any woman at any point in her spiritual journey. All of the books are written in such a way that you feel as though the author is talking with you over a latte. And at the same time, they contain a depth of theological truths and teachings.

These books introduce women not only to life-changing relationships with other women in the small group setting, but to a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Each book will come with a WINE-exclusive journal, which includes questions to ponder, space to write, and additional reflections to enhance your reading. Promotional ideas and meeting guidelines will provide everything you need to start your book club.



Each week the book club will cover one chapter in the book.  On Saturday a summary email including the week’s website postings will be sent directly to you.  The “Saturday Sip” begins October 7th and is filled with insightful tips for your small group and encouraging reflections for each of that week’s chapters.  These reflections and tips are great to use in a group setting.  Sign up here —> WINE Emails


Why order through the online WINE shop? Simple. WINE is unique in that it is the only place you can or the accompanying journal… and your purchase through the WINE shop supports all the wonderful work of WINE, a non-profit ministry. Best of all, buy them as a bundle and save money! (Who doesn’t like a good sale?)


Gather some friends together and meet in person to read and discuss Walk in Her Sandals. We are here to help – WINE makes it fun and easy to do!

  1. Invite your friends and/or a few fellow parishioners to join you for a 6-week book club
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WINE brings women together from across the world to share their faith through the many WINE book offerings.  There are many ways to participate including discussions on our blog or the WINE Book Clubs Facebook group.

WINE Virtual Vineyard brings together women, just like you, reading either Walk in Her Sandals or one of the many Read Between the WINES books and companion study guides available only through WINE.

Whether you participate in the virtual community to enhance your small group reading or because you need a faith sharing group, the WINE Virtual Vineyard is the place to be. Participate here and/or join us on Facebook. Be sure to “like” our WINE Facebook Page; then become a part of the WINE Book Clubs closed Facebook group.  Don’t miss our Wednesday Night FB Lives at 9 pm et.

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Join our Lenten book club!

Walk in Her Sandals

Experiencing Christ’s Passion
through the Eyes of Women

Small Group Setting: Do you already belong to a book club or Bible study? Continue meeting, but in a more relaxed manner. Or simply invite some friends to read and discuss a WINE recommended book together!

2019 Lenten Read Between the WINEs book club!

Join us this Lent in reading Walk in Her Sandals. Reflections/questions throughout the book will guide your group discussion, an accompanying journal will help enhance deepen the experience, and a virtual community will enable you to share with women all around the country. Simply check out our Lenten Read Between the WINEs book club!

2016 Read Between the Wines Booklist

WINE Members can access the entire 2016 Booklist here. If are not yet a Member of WINE, sign up today!

The First of Four Books in our New WINE Bundle!

Created to Relate: God's Design for Peace and Joy

Topic:  Understanding Why God Created Women
6 Week Book Club for Small Groups
Wine-Exclusive  Created to Relate Journal

Created to Relate explains the natural gift that women have for building and maintaining life-giving relationships, and it reveals the key to living the Gospel fully and joyfully. Kelly Wahlquist shows how you can use your ability to build relationships as a way to lead others to Christ and provides practical tips to help you stay focused in the midst of the distractions and responsibilities that can lead to superficial connections.