Kitchen Cleanout

By Emily Cavins   This year has been a year of downsizing for our family. My mother sold her big house, and so countless items had to find new homes as her apartment could only hold so much. [...]

Proclaim It on Distant Isles!

By Karen Sheehy     Reflecting upon today’s readings, I was immediately brought back to the island of Borneo where my husband and I vacationed for the better part of June. “Hear the [...]

This Day

By Lucy Johnson   Recently, I attended a two-day Catholic women’s conference about four hours away from my home.  In an effort to save money, I drove with three other women and shared a [...]

Friendship Project Week 4 Takeaway (Prudence)

My Week Two Book Club Takeaway Spending #ThrowbackThursday sharing what inspired us this week. Did you try any of the Friendship in Progress activities? Where these new saint friends for you to [...]