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At the Feet of Jesus

By Anni Harry     The alarm goes off and the mad dash to start the day begins. By mid-day, I am up to my eyeballs either in demands of the family or demands of work. There once was a [...]

Live Life Chronologically

By Lori Ubowski     I’ve always been the planner, organizer, coordinator, and host of so many things that make it seem like I always have it all together. I have fond and proud [...]

Our lives are not accidental

By Susan Klemond     Have you ever felt you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? While taking a walk my neighborhood one evening this summer, I waited at the edge of a street for [...]

We Are Not Defined by Fear or Shame

By Jeannie Ewing     The first memory I have of life was when I was three years old. I lived with my parents in a ranch-style home in southern Kentucky, and everything evoked fear in [...]