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Assuming the roses were from Mama

By Kate Anderson     Her garden looked nearly the same, but three years had changed everything. I want to rejoice in all the Glorious Mysteries that she and her Son have worked in my [...]

When Weakness Becomes My Strength: The Power of Grace

By Allison Gingras As a mother, I make a lot of mistakes. In some ways, it is my mom superpower. While that may seem a negative assessment of one’s motherhood, I consider it a fair and [...]

How to Get Middle School Kids to Read the Bible

By Sonja Corbitt     We home school our kids. We took our oldest out of public school in second grade for academic and social reasons that seem unique to our state and county. He [...]

One Life to Live

How do you perceive the gift of free will in your life and the life of the world around you? What does heroic virtue look like again in your life and in the actions of others around you? If a [...]

You are a Super Woman too!

By Sherry Brownrigg     When I was a little girl, I created a character called Super Kennedy. Super Kennedy was different than little Sherry Kennedy. Super Kennedy could run faster than [...]