Barefoot on Holy Ground

By Sharon Wilson     I used to do all of the “environment” at our parish.  Environment is a more exact way of calling the decorating of the church.  We use that term to differentiate it [...]

Plan. Walk. Reminder. God’s got this!

By Lucy Johnson     Today’s Gospel is about the Good Samaritan.  Jesus told this story as an answer to the question “who is my neighbor?”   Normally, when I hear this reading, I ponder [...]

The WINE 2019 Summer Book Club – Day One

If you have ever needed help explaining the Faith to your friends, your kids, your family, or even your foes, this summer’s WINE selection is your new playbook! Our WINE book club book, The [...]

An Ocean of Grace, a Heart without Fear

By Angie Koenig     Earlier this spring, I was blessed to be able to take a two-week vacation to Australia.  Before this trip, my feet had never left American soil.  One of my good [...]