But we know it’s Jesus

By Lynda MacFarland     As we approach Good Friday, I am sharing meditations for the Sorrowful Mysteries that may be hard to read and contemplate, but I think we need to endeavor to deeply [...]


By Elizabeth Westhoff       We just left the spiritually rigorous season of Lent. We should be exhausted, tired and hungry. We spent 40 intense days facing our mortality, our [...]

Grateful for Hospitality in the Pew

By Elizabeth Tomlin     When was the last time you visited a new parish?  Did you feel welcomed by an usher holding the door, or the smile of the Eucharistic minister?  Or did you feel [...]

Not Getting LENT Down

What grand plans I make every Lent hoping to make each day jam-packed with spiritual practices! Morning prayer Scripture reading Daily Mass Family rosary Liturgy of the Hours Along with those I [...]

Returning to the True Vine

By Hilary Scheppers     In today’s gospel, we hear how the son takes his father’s wealth and squanders it. We hear how the son wastes the father’s fortune on lavish and material things [...]