Diverse and Different and United!

By Sharon Wilson     A while back I worked at a parish that had a tradition of reading the Mass readings in a variety of different languages on Pentecost Sunday.  This tradition points [...]

To the Men who Open Doors

By Angie Koenig     For most of my life, I have done everything imaginable to avoid needing help.  “Can I help you with that?” “Oh no, thanks, I got it!” – My consistent response [...]


By Sarah Christmyer     Maybe it was anonymity that made us talk so deeply, this woman and I. A chance meeting led to coffee and then a day spent painting together. We stood at our [...]

My To-Do List

By Michelle Jones Schroeder     I’m a to-do list kind of girl so when I start on a project the first thing I do is make a list of each step that will be required to complete it. As the [...]