What is a WINE Enthusiast?

A WINE Enthusiast is a woman whose heart has been inspired to lead a WINE: Women In the New Evangelization  “New WINE Group” in her parish or home.  Whether you are part of a small faith sharing group, or have a few friends you’d like to invite, simply register “here” as an Enthusiast, enter our WINE Enthusiasts World and enjoy the many benefits.

Here is a sample taste of what you will have access to:

  • A WINE specialist who will work with you
  • Our Enthusiasts WINE Guide, complete with directions on how to begin your New WINE Group and/or add WINE to your existing women’s groups
  • Access to the Four Foundational “Read Between the WINE Book Club” books and the accompanying journals to begin your New WINE Group
  • Templates to help market and run your book club
  • Our Specialty, Reserve and Box WINES!
  • …….most importantly….daily prayer!

Getting Started as a WINE Enthusiast:

Step 1: If you have not already, join us in the vineyard: sign up as a WINE member (there are 4 levels to choose from). Each level offers perks and discounts, and of course, support from WINE!

Step 2: After you’ve completed sign-up as a WINE Member, add free WINE Enthusiast access to your account. (You must be logged in to add access to your account.)

Step 3: Journey through the Virtual Vineyard and take advantage of all the tools available to help you start and grow your New WINE group! Whenever you are logged in, a “Virtual Vineyard” menu item will appear at the top of your screen, with a sub-menu of all of the information needed to bring WINE to your parish. 

Need Assistance? Contact WINE Steward Allison at Allison@CatholicVineyard.com