By Martha Fernández-Sardina

Believe - My Lord and My God


Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side; do not be faithless, but believing.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” ~ John 20:27-28


Like Doubting Thomas

Where was Thomas when Jesus appeared? Back to business as usual with a defeatist or sullen attitude? Sometimes, we disappear, feeling and fearing that God has disappeared. We make Thomas-like stances and statements, doubting and disbelieving the Lord and eyewitnesses.

Experience a touching moment – explore whether competing beliefs move you to demand proof to satisfy or justify your unbelief. Get an honest appraisal, praying: Jesus, do I trust in You? Ask the doubting Thomas within you:

Do you question fellow disciples’ testimony? Do stubbornness, pride, confusion, or fear grip your otherwise willing and docile heart? Does devastating defeat make Christ’s reported return seem ‘too good to be true’? Are you forgetting the Lord’s promise?


Some want to believe, but fear, disappointment – dreams becoming nightmares, shattered expectations, high hopes crashing down.  Many lose hope, slipping into depression, demanding tangible proof to brush off what seems ridiculously unbelievable or highly unlikely – no matter who saw what while they were MIA. Sometimes, shame at abandoning the Lord leaves us at a loss when the longed-for Good News is presented with resurrected joy!

Thank Thomas all the same! With Jesus’ loving reprimand, he’s invited to place his hand in His, to touch His side, and therein abide! So are you! Firmly believe, even when you don’t see Him now as the Doubter-Turned-Believer did then. For the effort of walking by faith, not by sight, Jesus promises to make you blessed.

I Witness

I know firsthand. I placed my newfound faith on the faith witness of my college evangelizers at my very first Saturday afternoon sophomore year prayer meeting. They announced we were expected at Mass the next day – and every Sunday thereafter! I accepted that they knew someone I didn’t: Jesus is in the Eucharist, and the Sunday precept is a blessed must. I went in faith – and kept going ever since. Their Mass witness was convincing enough to bring me to see the Risen Lord – to touch and be touched by Him for good.

My God became my All.

Indeed, when we strive not to be faithless but believing – true believers – we are truly blessed.



Help me exclaim with St. Thomas, Apostle during the Elevation at each Mass: “My Lord, and my God!” When I fail, hear me cry, Lord: I believe, help my unbelief. (cf. Mark 9:23-25)

Call to Action:

With that eyewitness, doubt-dissipating, faith statement, share with someone today how constantly stepping out in faith and hope allows you to Remember You Are Loved.


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