By Kathleen Bordo Crombie


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And he awoke and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. ~ Mark 4:39


Several years ago, my husband and I were on a Caribbean cruise in pre-hurricane waters.  The waves, no kidding, were at least 20 feet high, and the wind was fierce. Passengers were getting seasick by the minute from all the rocking and rolling of the ship. People were scared, and rightly so; it’s a normal human reaction.  And the hardest thing to accept was that we could do nothing.

In today’s gospel, a large crowd had gathered on the shore of the lake to hear Jesus teach from a boat where he was seated just offshore.  Later that evening, Jesus directed his disciples to set sail for the other side of the lake.  They did, but did not go alone; “they took him (Jesus) with them in the boat, just as he was.”  In other words, as a rabbi, they escorted Jesus in his authority, still seated on a cushion and prepared to teach in Gentile territory for the first time.

Not a Drill

Crossing the Sea of Galilee was always dangerous, but it was even more so in the darkness of night during a severe storm.  The driving wind caused the hard-hitting waves to crash over the sides of the vessel, swamping the boat.  The disciples, seasoned fishermen who knew the lake and their boat well, realized they were in immediate danger of sinking. This was not a drill! And there in the back of the boat was Jesus, still seated on a cushion, asleep.   Asleep!

Jesus Cares

It’s not hard to imagine the disciple’s response to Jesus sleeping in the midst of all this turmoil.  You can almost hear them yelling, “Seriously, Jesus?  Wake up!  We’re going to die.” The disciples felt helpless!  They could do nothing to save themselves and thought Jesus didn’t care.  They were wrong!  Jesus cared a great deal!  But as the rabbi, he had something more to teach when they had nowhere else to turn.  This lesson would be all about trust in his authority over all things as the Son of God.

Jesus woke up and said, “Peace! Be still!” With three little words, he rebuked the wind, calmed the sea, and then questioned their faith. The boat and passengers were no longer in danger.  Jesus took this opportunity to once again reveal his authority to the disciples, who showed no trust in him. Not fully understanding who their teacher was, they questioned his identity among themselves.   Their response to being witnesses of all that had happened that day was simply incredible awe!



Lord, you are always there to calm the troubled waters in my life. Let me be at peace knowing that you are the ever-faithful God who loves and saves me.

Call to Action

Adoration is a most fitting place to find quiet, be still, receive Christ’s peace, and grow our faith and trust in the Lord.  Like most important things in our lives, put it on your calendar and go.


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