By Shelly Henley Kelly

God's Will be Done (Catholic Mass)


…and this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me…” ~ John 6:39

Once a week, I join other women my age for a small group Bible study. During our opening prayers, nearly every woman voices a personal intention for their teen or grown child, raised in the faith, who no longer attends church and now identifies their religious affiliation as “none.”

These days, it’s all too easy to fall in with the crowd and become distracted by things luring us away from God. Yet, even as many are scattered by the current culture, the lies, the misdirection, and even our own inclination to sin, there is still hope.  

God’s Will

Although today’s Gospel includes the “bread of life” discourse, what stands out to me is that Jesus was sent to do the will of the one who sent him. And what is God’s will? That none of us should be lost. God the Father wants us. The pathway for our salvation is his promise through Jesus, who says he will not lose anything God gives to him. 


At Mass, I kneel in prayer as the congregation shuffles up the aisle to present themselves. Many approach out of automatic routine, while others approach reverently. Watching them in love, I see how we are gathered through Christ in the Eucharist. We unite ourselves with Him and are sent out to love others in every interaction.

Through Jesus, God gathers what is scattered. We are chosen. Loved. Never forgotten. He calls us by name. We hear his voice, and we come, sometimes without knowing why. Everyone who comes to Him shall not be lost. He keeps together what He has gathered. 



Heavenly Father, thank you for never giving up on those who turn away from you. Gather your people through Christ, that we will never be lost.

Call to Action:

Attend Mass. Observe others gathering to receive Jesus with love in your heart, hearing Jesus whisper, this is a precious child of God whom I call and love.


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