By Pamela Patnode


Light of Truth



“But he who does what is true comes to the light” ~ John 3:21


In St. Augustine’s Confessions, the mighty convert makes an extraordinary statement. After reading Cicero’s Hortensius in his teenage years, Augustine pursued truth with a single-minded focus. He desired to grow in wisdom and to know the truth.


Interestingly, after initially rejecting the Bible and Christianity, the great Saint’s pursuit of truth led him to Christ and the Catholic church. Following his dramatic conversion in the garden, Augustine exclaimed, “For behold, ‘You desire truth,’ seeing that he who does it ‘comes to the light.’ (John 3:21). This I wish to do . . .” (Confessions Book X).


After desiring to know truth, the holy Saint pursued truth, found truth, and then exclaimed that he desired to “do” truth. What a lofty goal—to desire not only to know the truth but to live it. It is a goal we must all strive to attain. 


In Genesis, we learn that God created the light. However, He did not remove the darkness. The world today tries to hide, deny, or twist the truth while remaining in darkness. Despite this darkness, today’s gospel reading reminds us that God gave us His only Son in profound love so that we might live. However, receiving this unmerited gift requires we acknowledge Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, step out of the darkness, and embrace the light of Truth. 



Lord, give me a discerning heart. In a world that denies truth, help me to recognize truth and be courageous enough to live it.

Call to Action:

Today, prayerfully consider which news sources you turn to for truth. Ask a trusted friend or your parish priest if they recommend a source for news that aligns more closely with our Catholic faith.


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