By Melanie Rigney


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And they were very sorrowful, and began to say to him one after another, ‘Is it I, Lord?’ ”
~ Matthew 26:22

It never fails to pierce our hearts. Jesus says one of the Twelve will betray Him, and eleven of them are quick to fear it’s them.

We know that Judas, the 12th, is not the only one who will come up short. Peter will deny Jesus three times; Peter, John, and James will fall asleep instead of keeping watch. The synoptic Gospels make no reference to any of the apostles’ presence at the crucifixion; John refers only to his own presence and that of the women.

When the Going Gets Tough

Why weren’t the Eleven at the crucifixion? Perhaps they took Jesus at his word that after he was raised up, “I shall go before you to Galilee” (Matthew 26:32) and were waiting there. Perhaps they went into hiding, believing that was the best option. Regardless, they exhibited little public bravery on Jesus’s behalf.

The Tough Remember Love

And still, He loved them, perhaps because of their flaws rather than in spite of them. After the resurrection and coming of the Paraclete, they would never again wonder if they would betray Him. They would endure persecution, torture, and, for most, martyrdom for their faith.

Remember that as we head into the Easter Triduum, we contemplate the sacrifice the Lord made for us all. Remember that we will sometimes fail despite our best efforts. Remember that critical difference between Judas and the others. He did not believe he could be forgiven, and his name became synonymous with betrayal; they believed they could be forgiven, and what they accomplished in his name has inspired generations. Remember to believe in the Lord’s love.



Jesus, by myself, I will fail. With you, I can do anything. I ask that you make the way clear and my heart and soul strong.

Call to Action:

Write down that sin for which you’ve been forgiven in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation but have difficulty believing in true forgiveness. Take the paper with you to your next Holy Hour, then shred it.


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