By Deanna Bartalini




“I can do nothing on my own authority; as I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just,
because I seek not my own will but the will of the one who sent me.”
~ John 5:30

How often do I say, “I want to know and do God’s will,” and then go off without ever speaking to him and do what I think is best? More times than I can count and certainly more than I want to recall. Yet, remembering those times is what helps me not do it again.

Father & Son

Jesus is the second person of the Trinity—God the Son. This passage from John’s Gospel reminds us to pause and consider before we judge, plan, or decide on what is next in our lives. Jesus tells us that he himself does nothing without the Father. If Jesus said this, how much more ought we to do the same?

All life, authority, love, and judgment come from the Father, who gives them to the Son. Jesus wants us to believe in him so that he can give us eternal life. Jesus desires to spend eternity with you. Say it aloud, “Jesus wants to spend eternity with me.”

Before we get to eternity, we live life here on earth. While here, we are to honor Jesus, hear his word and believe that the Father sent him. If we believe all this is true, then going to God for help in our daily lives is a way to practice what we believe. Often, we go to God when there is a problem that threatens to overwhelm us. Why do we wait until things get that difficult?

Turn to God every day, and talk to him about the little things in your life. He can help if we allow him the time and space to act in us. Then, when there is a more significant concern, we already have a relationship and understand how he works.

Be like Jesus. Seek not your will but the will of the One who made you and wants your good.





Jesus, help me to turn to the Father for all things, allowing him to guide me to what is right and true so that my life reveals the glory of God.

Call to Action:

As we continue our Lenten journey, consider where you have not allowed God to move you forward. Pray to let go and be led by him instead of yourself.



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