By Lisa Henley Jones


God is For Us!!



“If God is for us, who can be against us?”
 ~ Romans 8:31


Many of us are struggling and searching in our lives. Maybe we’re searching for control, peace, joy, comfort, safety, or community. We may try to feed that ache with material goods, entertainment, careers, or busyness. It’s pretty easy to find enough distractions to think we’re fulfilled, but deep down, we know those things don’t do the trick and satisfy our hunger.  

God is For Us

Today’s second reading from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans was one of our former pastor’s favorite verses.  

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Our pastor helped us recognize our search was indeed for Christ and not the things society tells us are important. We would arrive on Sunday mornings, tired and beaten up by the world. Our pastor gently reminded us that God is more for us than we can ever be for ourselves. He is here, waiting for us, loving us, and inviting us to spend time with Him. And there, at church, we didn’t need to search or feed ourselves with distractions.

We might recognize God while at Mass, but do we see God working in the ordinary of our day-to-day lives?

Still and Silent

Amid our noisy, busy world, I’ve discovered that the answer might be to be still and silent. The goal is to sit still, be silent, calm me (and my phone!), and pray. But this prayer is a little different than usual. I also need to be quiet to allow space for God to respond and for me to hear it.

After a prayer of gratitude, I ask God to allow me to feel His love surrounding me and to feel His protection. And in this silent time, I listen for what God wants to reveal to me. It’s not about telling God everything but inviting Him to work in my life so I can experience His love.   

My sitting still and being silent time doesn’t usually have an “ah-ha” moment where I hear God’s voice. 

Most of the time, He responds to me by filling me with calm and peace, and I am reassured that God is for me. He is fighting for me, except I’m too busy most of the time searching through the distractions to notice.

Each time I sit still and am silent, I trust even more that God is more for us than we could be for ourselves. 

He loves us and wants us to seek Him out to spend time with Him.  

We don’t need to keep searching or distracting ourselves; we need to be still and recognize God working in our lives. He loves us so much. He is for us!




Thank you, gracious God, for the blessing of my life and my faith in your son, Jesus. Help me see you working in my life, Lord, and feel your love’s abundance.

Call to Action

Spend a little quiet time with God today. Invite Him to reveal His love for you. And then relax and “listen” for God’s response.

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