By Pamela Patnode




“This generation is an evil generation . . . ”Luke 11:29

As I read Jesus’ words at the beginning of today’s gospel, I reflected, “Wow! Christ’s words truly apply to our world today.” Then, as I considered recent headlines and current events, I mentally enumerated the sinful actions of political leaders, famous entertainers and athletes, business and educational elites, and more. “No doubt about it,” I thought, “this is truly an evil generation. I guess some things never change.”

Yet, like Jonah, the word of the Lord came to me a second time. This second reading of today’s Scripture found me focusing on the Psalm.

Humble and Contrite

“Create a clean heart in me, O Lord. Have mercy on me. Wipe out my offenses.” How humbled I was to read and to re-read these sincere and contrite words of David. I quickly observed that the Psalm does not say, “God, notice the sins of others and correct them.” Nor does the Psalm say, “Excuse the beam in my eye while I condemn the splinter in the eyes of others.” No, in humility, David acknowledges his sin and his failings, and he begs forgiveness from God.

In truth, there are many challenges in the world today—challenges that I do not have the power to change. I can, however, pray with sincerity for the conversion of others. And most important, I can humble myself, look at my sins, and strive to grow closer to Christ through humility, contrition, and love.




Lord, the world is filled with sin and suffering. Please help those who suffer, and help me to grow in charity, in holiness, and in mercy.

Call to Action:

Pray the Litany of Humility today and consider establishing a regular practice of going to Confession. 

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