By Sherry Brownrigg




“I delight to do your will, O my God.” ~ Psalm 40:8a


When I came into the Church at 30, I believed that God must have one specific purpose in mind for me as a Catholic – one grand thing that I would do for His Kingdom. I spent many years in my career searching for that one thing. When I helped launch a Catholic radio station, I thought, “This is it!” When I became the president of a Catholic radio network, it became, “Okay, this is it.” When I left that position and launched my marketing firm for Catholic apostolates, I once again said, “This surely must be it.”

Not Created for One Thing

It wasn’t until after I’d had my own business for ten years that I finally realized that God didn’t create me for one awesome thing for His Kingdom – that was actually my ego talking. I was focused on what I was accomplishing, and each step up the ladder prompted another exclamation that I had about “finally” doing what He wanted me to do, no doubt something extraordinary. It gradually dawned on me that this wasn’t God talking – it was faulty thinking and my fear that I would not be useful in His Kingdom.  

In today’s Old Testament reading, Samuel is called by God three times. He did not yet know God, so he didn’t recognize the call, but yet he responded every single time with words that echo through the ages, “Here I am.”

Once I took my ego out of the equation, I heard God’s call loud and clear. It’s not one grand thing he wants from me; it’s to wake up every day and give myself to him with abandon. A simple “Here I am” allows God to do many awesome things through us.




Lord, clear away the obstacles that keep me from giving myself freely to you. When I hear your call, help me to answer like Samuel – “Here I am.”

Call to Action:

Honestly, examine your understanding of how God is calling you. If it needs an adjustment, ask God to help you make that adjustment to truly hear His call.


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