By Shelly Henley Kelly


We are writing this so that our joy may be complete.” ~ 1 John 1:4

Discovering  joy

Don’t you love finding something new that makes you happy? It can be as simple as discovering a new restaurant, reading an inspiring book, or watching an uplifting movie. Maybe you finally figured out the secret to getting dirt and grass stains out of white baseball pants? Whatever makes you happy, it’s likely that you don’t want to keep this new-found source to yourself. Instead, you find yourself telling others so they can go out and experience it for themselves.

God’s love is our joy

What do you do when that feeling of happiness is magnified into joy through an encounter with Christ? Do you feel that same urge to tell others or does something stop you? Maybe you’re hesitant to share because people might scoff or brush it off. Or do you fear not being believed?

Jesus told his disciples to remain in His love that His joy might be in them, and their joy would be complete. Experiencing God’s love and mercy brings about deep peace and joy. It may come during prayer or while spending time in community with others. It’s even possible to receive this overwhelming peace and love during periods of suffering.

Joy is meant to be shared

Sharing about a personal encounter with Christ is an important part of our faith life. Testimonials aren’t limited to the Apostles and the early church. Writing about an experience with God isn’t just for holy saints, priests, or even people with a big social media following. It’s for everyone. Telling others where you see God offers hope to others. You may not even realize that God is working through you to speak to another person. Your joy may be complete by testifying how God is at work in your life.


Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with the confidence and courage needed to share my joy in your love with others.

Call to Action: Tell one person about a time you received joy through God’s love. Invite that person to share an experience with you in return.


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