By Hilary Scheppers


They all ate and were satisfied.”~ Matthew 29:37


It’s that time of year when we turn to our friends and family to ask, What do you want for Christmas? Sometimes, we get blank responses. Sometimes, we get long lists! Regardless, there is something we all want for Christmas – and whatever that is reveals our true hunger. 

Maybe we hunger for gifts, goodies, and treats. Perhaps we have a deeper hunger:

  • We want a family member to forgive us.
  • We want a blessing from our parents.
  • We want a loved one to stop being sick. 

The Crowd wants Jesus

Whatever we want, we hear in today’s gospel the story of what happens to people who want Jesus. A crowd had followed Jesus for three days, witnessing his healing miracles and listening to his words. Jesus says, “I have compassion for these people.” And so when He sees they are tired and hungry, he works a miracle to feed them with seven loaves and a few fish. 

Jesus Satisfies the Hunger

When we walk close to Jesus, we can experience His compassion. As a result, Jesus feeds us, and we can be satisfied, just like the people in the crowd. Their wanting and hunger are met when they put their faith and time in Jesus. They are satisfied. 

What does your spirit hunger for this Christmas?

So, just like today’s psalms say, “The Lord is our shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.” Truly, when we let the Lord be our guide, we will feel like we don’t want for anything moreWouldn’t it be wonderful to receive spiritual satisfaction this Christmas? What would that look like? What if we could grow closer to Jesus during this time of Advent? 




Dear Jesus, thank you for this precious life and your ultimate love. Thank you for being our greatest teacher in compassion. Thank you for being our shepherd when we have doubts or feel weak. Please allow us to experience your immense compassion today.

Call to Action

Choose one small deed you can do today to help you draw closer to Jesus during this time of advent.


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