By Shelly Henley Kelly



“…you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much.” ~ Matthew 25:21


One summer morning, after dropping off my son at VBS, I walked over to the main church for daily Mass. Slipping through a side door, I settled into a pew graced with warm sunshine pouring through a stained glass window. In my prayer, I wondered what God would have me do on this day. Moments later, the Mass Captain approached, asking me to serve as an Extraordinary Minister. 

Today’s readings remind us that being faithful to God means submitting ourselves to Him with love and respect. Proverbs 31 offers the example of a worthy wife; she brings good to her spouse (God) through her work. The Psalm reveals the gifts and prosperity that come from fearing the Lord. St. Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians reminds us to consistently live our lives serving God because we do not know when He will return. 

How We are Measured

Matthew’s Gospel recounts a parable showing us what happens when we multiply the talents entrusted to us. I’m fascinated by the dual meaning of the word “talent.” In the original Greek, the word refers to a weight used as the basis of monetary exchange—a measure of value. Today, we read the word as a natural aptitude or skill we inherently possess. Jesus is telling us that we are expected to multiply what we are given. We are being measured for our value. 

Be Faithful in Small Matters

As a child, we are given small, age-appropriate chores that teach us a lesson and prepare us for adulthood. When we are young, our small matters of faith include listening to our parents, reciting our prayers, and learning respectful behavior. Over time, we discover innate natural abilities that lead us in our earthly vocations as women. Some women become artists or musicians. Others are athletes. Some are known for their hospitality – welcoming others with warmth and grace. Then there are the nurturers, caring for, guiding, and consoling each other. Some women use their talents as administrators, directing programs, or managing a household. 

Great Responsibilities Await

I’ve never thought much about serving in Mass. Yet, today’s Gospel helps me see that serving and honoring God in this small way brings him joy. Using our abilities in loving service to others shows we can be trusted. There is no greater responsibility than caring for others. When He calls us, I pray we rise to the occasion and answer His trust in us without doubt. (407)



Lord, guide me in using my talents to serve you in small matters so I will be prepared for greater responsibilities.

Call to Action

 Today, consider what talents you’ve received and how you use them in small or great ways for the Glory of God.  


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