By Elizabeth Westhoff



“You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming
at an hour you do not expect.”
~ Luke 12:40


Today is Wednesday of the twenty-ninth week in Ordinary Time. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about a master and his servants. The master represents God, and the servants symbolize us, His followers. This parable emphasizes the importance of being vigilant and faithful in our service to God and carries profound theological implications for us today. The central message here is about accountability. When the master returns unexpectedly, he rewards the faithful servants but punishes the unfaithful ones. This teaches us that as followers of God, we are entrusted with responsibilities, and we must be faithful stewards of what God has given us, whether it’s our time, talents, or resources.

Vigilance and Readiness

The master’s unannounced return highlights the importance of vigilance and readiness. In a theological sense, this pertains to anticipating Christ’s return or the final judgment. Christians must remain vigilant, conducting themselves ethically and faithfully in preparation for His arrival. How often are we like the servants who become careless and complacent, thinking we have plenty of time because the master’s return is far off? Do we actively remain diligent and watchful, faithfully carrying out our duties until the master returns? Likely, most of us are somewhere in between.

Rewards and Punishments

The parable introduces the concept of differential rewards and punishments. Faithful and wise servants are rewarded, while those who are negligent face harsh consequences. This mirrors the New Testament’s emphasis on God’s grace and justice. While salvation is a gift of grace, ethical conduct and faithfulness are expected of believers. Moreover, the parable reminds us that our actions have consequences. We are accountable for how we live our lives and use the gifts God has bestowed upon us. Being prepared and faithful in our service to God is not only an act of obedience but also an acknowledgment of our gratitude for His grace and blessings.

Jesus encourages us to be vigilant, faithful, and responsible in our walk with God, recognizing that one day, we will have to give an account of how we’ve lived our lives and used the gifts and opportunities God has given us. Are you ready?




Lord, help us to be watchful and ready for your return, just as the faithful servants were in the parable. May we not become complacent in our walk with you but remain steadfast in our commitment to live according to your will. May we reflect your love and grace to others in our actions and choices. And in the end, may we hear your words of approval and receive the reward of faithful service. Amen.

Call to Action

Are you living your life with the attitude that the Master could return anytime or that you have plenty of time to prepare? Make frequent and regular use of the Sacraments. Go to Confession. Spend time with Jesus in Adoration. Do not be caught unprepared for the Master’s return because, as He told us, we know not the hour or the day.


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