By Lynne Keating



“For the sake of ten I will not destroy it.”   ~ Genesis 18:32

The Retreat

 Lately, besieged by the turbulence of the world and overwhelmed, I tend to retreat into inactivity. When it’s all too much to take in, I find myself staring up to the sky, staring at God, boggled in mind, sad in spirit.

What’s to be done in a world that seems more and more like the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah every day? I’m an introvert and a self-proclaimed hermit. I’m getting older. Money is getting tighter. My window of opportunity isn’t letting in enough air.

The Return

A wise spiritual director once told me that when God puts a question in your mind, He intends to answer it, and, in fact, He did. More of a pray-er than a prophet, I love the biblical account of Abraham arguing with God about the state of affairs he witnessed during his lifetime. Abraham knew that a great many people were going to suffer. Some would be destroyed. You could call that prophetic. But that didn’t stop him from hammering away at the mercy of God, pounding at the door, almost refusing to take no for an answer. I call that prayer.

The Battle Plan

God’s answer to Abraham always astonished me. “If I can find ten righteous people in that terrible place,” He told Abraham, “I will not destroy the city.” That answer still intrigues me. I never considered it, however, as marching orders – until now. 

So there it was. There it always had been – my answer: “Become one of the ten!”

Now, I am taking these simple instructions into my heart, and I find that my sadness lifts, and my mind can find its way back to my heart. The joy of the Lord returns and strengthens me, and my way “through the wilderness” (Isaiah 43:19) becomes clear.





“I have searched for someone who would stand before me to keep me from destroying the land; but I found no one.”(Ezekiel 22:30). Lord Jesus, help me become one of the ten.  

Call to Action

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Luke, the Evangelist. He was a writer, a doctor, and an artist. As women in the New Evangelization, let’s call on him for help and claim him as our patron.


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