By Laurie J. Schmitt



“And they departed and went through the villages,
preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.”
~ Luke 9:6


Equipped for Mission

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus gathers his twelve, instructing and equipping them for their special mission. Before they set out to travel from one village to another, he grants them a share in his power, strengthening them to proclaim the kingdom of God and enabling them to heal people in both body and soul. Demons and diseases are subject to them. Every spiritual defect and physical ailment is under their authority.

Travel Light

Jesus supplies the apostles with ample grace, telling them to take nothing along on their journey: no money, no clothes, no walking stick, no sack, no snack. They are told to bring nothing they think they’ll need and nothing that might make their journey more comfortable. No necessities, no niceties. “Travel light,” he says, “Bring your confidence in my message. My grace has got you covered.” 

They set out, venturing from place to place, staying with like-minded believers, celebrating the good news, spreading seeds of hope, and performing miraculous healings. Their energy is fueled by prayer and fasting – the two frontrunners for detachment from all worldly things. 

In addition to traveling free of material stuff, the apostles are told to leave other’s baggage behind. Some people that they’ll come across will reject the gospel truth, tossing insults and resistance their way. They are not to pick up so much as a speck of negativity, disbelief, or despair. These, too, are things of the world. The apostles are told to kick these away, leaving them where they found them.

Live the Mission 

Just like the apostles, we, too, are made for mission. We are called to bring Christ into the world. He teaches and enables us to bring the gospel to those we meet. 

Live the mission God has for you. Carry the good news; scrap the rest.




Blessed Lord, you have a mission in mind for me. Guide me. Guard me. Direct me on the way. I trust that you will provide for all that I lack.

Call to Action

Ask Him, “Am I living the mission you’ve made for me? The thing that You’ve hand-picked me for?” Fast and pray; receive the sacraments and be freed of baggage. Listen for His response.


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