By Lucy Johnson



“And he stood over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her;
and immediately she rose and served them.”  ~ Luke 4:39


Father Al Lauer, the founder of One Bread, One Body, often said, “God heals you for service in His Kingdom. 

He didn’t heal you so you could be the healthiest person In hell!” He often referred to today’s Gospel, where Jesus heals St. Peter’s mother-in-law, and immediately she rose and served them. Later that day, Jesus departed and went into a lonely place.

Spiritual Healing

In 2018, I needed spiritual healing. Like Jesus, I entered the wilderness and walked the Camino de Santiago. I spent 40 days on this journey, walking alone with a desire to learn to trust God. This experience was transformational, to say the least.  

Although not my intent, I began my Camino on September 6, which was my father’s birthday. I ended it on October 15, which was the day my dad died. Realizing I was walking his” life,” I certainly felt his presence during this pilgrimage. Coincidence? I think not.

Trust God

While I’m not sure what path of service is mine to take entirely, I know that learning to trust God is a story I can tell others. I was the least likely person to walk 500 miles. Was I discouraged, afraid, or wanted to quit and return home? Yes, yes, and yes. Yet through it all, God was with me and continued to show me the way. Even when I failed to trust Him, I would hear him gently laugh and say, “Oh Lucy, you just don’t get it – trust Me .”Luckily, God understands me and loves me more than I can imagine. He will never give up on me or you.

God heals us for service from physical, emotional, or spiritual afflictions. Like Peter’s mother-in-law, may we respond with love and make Him known to the world.



Lord, you heal us for your service. Help us to know and respond to your love by always trusting in You.

Call to Action

Take some time today in quiet prayer to ask God where you need to be healed and how this healing can help you serve Him better.


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