By Laurie J. Schmitt


“He sent them out into his vineyard.” ~ Matthew 20:2b

Vineyard Vocation

Have you ever been on the outside, looking in? We search for our purpose and place in the world – in our families, in our work, and especially in the Christian community. In today’s gospel reading, a crew of men are busy gathering the fruits in the master’s vineyard while some, not yet called by the landowner, stand idle. Waiting. Watching. They see the men working together, hear them laughing and chatting back and forth, sharing good news, and helping each other with difficult tasks. The bystanders seek something worthwhile to put their time and energy into. 

Finally, the landowner invites them to join his crew. “It’s never too late!” He seems to say. The newbies bring fresh energy to the labor already in progress and enjoy fellowshipping with the other workers.

Faith in Action

The people around us, especially non-believers and those who haven’t heard the gospel, are watching how we live our Catholic faith. Are we standing idle, or is our faith life actively drawing others to Christ? Are we living according to the gospel truth, working diligently, and filled with joy? Do we just plod along, or is the vibrant energy of the Holy Spirit propelling us forward? Our example, our joy in our faith as we labor in the vineyard, draws others and brings about revival in us and the world.

Heaven Forever

Our Heavenly Father meets us personally and invites us to participate in his work. He calls us to share the gospel message, and if that’s not rewarding enough, His “usual daily wage” is nothing less than eternity with Him, his angels, and saints. How can we measure the heavenly forever that God has in store? 

Our vocation is a labor of love. Heaven’s reward is big enough, grand enough, for everyone. 



Generous Heavenly Father, bless our labors as we live out the gospel message. Grant that through our work here on earth, others will enter into the vineyard of your eternal love.


Call to Action

Take a look at how you are sharing the good news. Are you inviting others into the Kingdom? When others see you, do they see the love of Christ and his heavenly promise?



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