By Shelly Henley Kelly



“Come and hear, all you who fear God,
and I will tell what he has done for me
.”~ Psalm 66:16


When serving on Confirmation or ACTS retreats, there’s nothing quite like witnessing how God shows up to those attending. Whether teens or grown women, the retreatants enter the weekend with baggage and hurt. Sometimes they arrive without expectations; sometimes, they seek God even while doubting His existence. Over the weekend, their encounter with Christ fills them with peace and healing, and they emerge glowing in knowing God’s love. Released from the world and among friends who understand what they’re feeling, their joy cannot be contained, and they eagerly share their experience with others.

What God Does

Throughout the Bible, we see what God has done for His people. No matter what they do repeatedly to separate themselves from God, He pursues them, over and over, calling them to Him. Those who turn toward him receive His goodness, love, and mercy. 

God loves you beyond your wants, beyond your fears. He sees you even with all your faults and worries. He loves you perfectly and calls you to recognize how His beautiful nature exists within you. 

Recognize His Influence

When you become actively aware and open to it, you’ll see and recognize God’s influence in even the smallest moments of your life. Finding God in the small moments helps you trust Him in the bigger ones. When you live in wonder and awe of the Lord and all His love and goodness, what stops you from proclaiming all He has done for you? When you experience God, you want to share it. 



Lord, thank you for all you’ve done for me. Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with boldness to shout your goodness to all.

Call to Action

Today, be aware of God’s influence in your life and share it with someone.


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