By  Hilary Scheppers



“The kingdom of heaven is like leaven
which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal,
till it was all leavened.” ~ Matthew 13:33



Of all the parables Jesus shares in today’s gospel, I’d like to nibble on his parable about the woman making bread. A woman works yeast through three measures of flour, which is about 60 pounds, until it is all worked through. Have you ever gone to the store and bought 12 bags of flour to make your bread? I never have though I am not much of a bread baker!

Making Homemade Bread

Growing up, my mom would bake bread for special occasions. We children would squeal with delight when the bread was ready, practically swallowing down warm slice after warm slice without chewing. It was heaven!

Working the Dough

Though I didn’t bake it myself, I watched my mother. I learned the necessity of yeast to make the bread light and fluffy. Without the yeast, the bread would be hard and flat. My mom would work the dough, knead it with her knuckles, and put her body weight into it! Then cushion the dough into a bread basket and let it proof.

Christ is our Leavening Agent

Like the yeast, the kingdom of heaven is to be worked in through all of us. We have been given a leavening agent through Christ – and all we have to do is allow him to fully enter all parts of our lives. Like the yeast, He is there to provide us with structure and strength while also remaining an essential ingredient for us to rise and be lighter and softer.

Slow Rising

This summer season is a perfect time to find rest in Jesus and let him work through you like the yeast slowly rising. Just like the yeast, there is a slowness to us becoming closer to the Kingdom of Heaven. Let him mesh into your soft doughy parts, and then let yourself rest in Him. He will slowly help you to rise. He will slowly work within you. You will slowly start to feel lighter and stronger at the same time.





Precious Lord, thank you for keeping me in communion with you and in community with my Christian family. You are the true leavening agent I need. Please work through my hands, thoughts, words, and actions today so I can rise with your perfect love.

Call to Action

 Check your local parish for times to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. There is no better way to rise in love than to forgive yourself and others. Put down whatever separates you and be transformed by Christ’s merciful love.


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