By Melanie Baker Trimarco


Jesus said to his disciples:
“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”  ~ John 16:12

Our Last Night

As my late husband was facing the last days of his life, I forced myself to only focus on the here and now. I wanted him to have a peaceful setting while he transitioned to Heaven. He wanted quiet on what would be our last night to sleep in our bed together. I silently cried out to all the angels, saints, and loved ones who have gone before us to help Mark have a peaceful death and an easy transition to Heaven. I asked St. Joseph, patron Saint of departing souls, to gently help him to go home. I placed a St. Joseph prayer card between our pillows, and we fell asleep.

Fear of the Unknown

I awakened to Mark sitting up in bed clutching the St. Joseph prayer card with his left hand. I sat up with him and gently and lovingly spoke to him. Inwardly, I was astonished! Mark had no feeling in his hands, which were contorted due to nerve damage. It was impossible for him to pick up this card. I knew that my prayers were being answered. The Holy Spirit was with us, allowing me to avoid fear and place trust in Him. Heaven gained a new angel later that evening, and I began my life as a widow. Almost six years later, I have found peace with my loss and used it to help others on their grief journey.



Holy Spirit, trust is essential to our faith; help us live with trust in you, even without understanding your plan.

Call to Action

Sit in silence and reflect on the times you were challenged to remain faith-filled while questioning your circumstances, maybe even questioning God. How have you been able to heal or accept your circumstances?


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