By Lynne Keating


 “And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord,” ~  Luke 1:46

Ever notice that the Blessed Mother gives gifts on her feast days? Let me share a few. Once, after a weekday Mass, a smiling, dark-haired lady seemed to be waiting for me outside. “Hi,” she said, hand extended, “I’m Mary!” The sun was bright, so I squinted, shielding my uplifted face to see her. “Hi,” I answered, shaking her hand. “It’s a beautiful day,” she said, smiling, and walked away. Later that day, I remembered it was September 8th – The birthday of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I’ve never seen her before – or since!

Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted

Years later, I was asked to foster a newborn child with multiple congenital disabilities. No other homes were available. She was unnamed. I knew nothing about her. Going over her paperwork with the hospital, I noticed her birthday – August 15th, Feast of the Assumption – the same birthday as my first daughter! I named her Maria. A year later, I adopted her.

Mary, Gate of Heaven

Once, pondering the Magnificat, I realized Mary didn’t say that her soul mirrors or reflects the Lord. She said it magnifies Him. I was making the plenary indulgence given on the Feast of Christ the King for my dearest Aunt, who had just died. But I felt as if Mary was asking me to give the indulgence to her to do with as she pleased. Eventually, I agreed. Days later, meditating after Communion, an image popped into my mind – a group of happy people, high on a hill, waving. Hmmm… they looked familiar. I realized they were deceased relatives I had prayed for. Had Mary magnified my indulgence? It was December 8th – Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Recently, my computer broke – not in my budget! A friend showed up at my door carrying a laptop. I was speechless. It was September 8th – Mary’s birthday.



Mary, Gate of Heaven, pray for us.

Call to Action

Keep your eye out for Mary and, when you have a moment, pray the Litany of Mary, pondering her many titles. Here’s the link to the Litany. 


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