By Letitia M Peyton



“Sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise.
Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!”  ~ Psalm 66:2-3a

Sing Praise to Him

In May 2018, the unthinkable devastated my family. We learned one of our sons was abused by our priest of twelve years. My husband was not only his deacon but also his friend. We had the ultimate betrayal from within the church. By the next morning, I was a complete wreck and unable to contain my emotions. Amid it all, I heard Jesus speak to me. He asked, “Are you going to leave me?” All I could answer back was, “Where would I go?” I began searching my mind and heart for anything that would comfort me. I just wanted an answer that would make sense, but there was none in the few hours, days, weeks, and months following. I knew I needed to pull myself together for my four younger children, my husband, and our older sons, especially the one who needed me most. I recalled being at a women’s conference some years prior with two friends. The speaker mentioned that if we are praising God with our lips, then we will not be able to be anything other than joyful.

He Will Make Things New

I struggled to pull my thoughts together in prayers, so I simply began listening to praise and worship music. The tears and joy would flow together. I would sing along until the sadness subsided. Sometimes it was one song, other times, it was several songs, but it always led to the return of a joyful heart, even if it was just for a few hours. The Psalms teach us that God hears us when we are in the deepest darkest moments of life, just as he hears us in the greatest, most joyful moments. At either time, we must praise our mighty God and worship him because he will make all things new.



My Lord and My God, you know my heart and my desire to serve you with joy. In difficult times, lead my mind to you that even in the most challenging circumstances, I will praise you and find joy. Your amazing grace is enough. Amen

Call to Action

Pray for those who are going through difficult and dark circumstances so that they may find joy. In difficult moments, when they cannot find the words to praise God, pray for them, praise God, and ask him to send an overflow of graces to your friends.


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