By Sonja Corbitt


“Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets;
I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them.” ~ Matthew 5:17


I love it when the Book of Deuteronomy is in the readings; it’s so hopeful! Why? Deuteronomy means second law; it reviews the Law God gave to the people through Moses on Mt. Sinai. So before God’s people finally enter the Promised Land, Moses is careful to review with them so they will know how to live in the Land successfully, long-term.

God rescued the Hebrews from Egypt, their sin-place; He led them into the desert where, through a series of deprivations, He attempted to heal their wounds and teach them to trust in His protection and provision; He was preparing them to live in the Land of Sabbath rest (Heb 3-4).

Only Two Learned

Only two learned these lessons, Joshua and Caleb. The rest died outside the Promised Land in their habit of complaining over their deprivations. They died in purposelessness and futility (Ps 78, particularly verse 33) while a new, faithful generation entered the Land. God always gives the promises of those who will not learn to those who will.

Review for All

I have found in my own life that God does the same review for all His people who listen to His voice through His word in the daily readings. Just before He leads us into a promise, He seems to review with us the desert lessons we have (hopefully) learned on our journey to the land of promise, of Sabbath rest in our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and souls.

This Lenten desert season, have you learned to trust in His protection and provision in the midst of deprivation? Have you discovered the habit of thanksgiving that multiplies His provision, as Jesus taught in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes? If so, this Deuteronomy “review” is for you. He is ready to fulfill His promise. You are about to enter your promised land.



Lord, what are you attempting to teach me through the deprivations in my personal desert? What is your perspective on my suffering? How can I “lean in” to the difficulties and trust you to provide and protect?

Call to Action

Ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to do in response to today’s meditation. Imagine placing your worries at the foot of the Cross or in Our Lady’s hands and leaving your fear there. Now, obey.


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