By MaryBeth Eberhard



 “No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket,
but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.”
~Matthew 5:15


Today’s gospel is often referred to as the salt and light gospel. I’m putting the light first for today’s pondering. Recently I went away to Lake Erie with my daughters. We watched waves and climbed the steps of the lighthouse, and the higher we went, the more spectacular the view. It was a time of conversation and teaching. I shared with them more candidly about my faith and my childhood. Sharing our life experiences can open doors and build trust as our children grow into maturity. I grew up in a home that was often unsafe, and I frequently lied to protect myself and create an identity so others would not know what my home life was like.

Freedom to Speak Truth

It has taken years to claim the identity and freedom of a truth speaker. I value it greatly. Light is an analogy for truth. It illuminates us from the darkness. Living in our identity as Catholic Christians, we are both strengthened by, and bearers of The Truth, and that truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops! But how can we shine truth like that same lighthouse offers a safe harbor, shining light and truth into a world where there is already so much noise?

In biblical times, salt was necessary to preserve food from spoiling. Jesus tells us to be salt; we must be the salt in a world that, at times, can seem dark and lonely, actually preserving the truth. Truth leads us to Jesus. Using St Therese’s little way, we can do this in small ways with great love. Simply asking someone, “how can I pray for you” reflects your relationship with Jesus. It shows intentional love, whether it is someone we know or a stranger we have just met. Truth draws people in; salt both preserves and flavors. Let us be known as light bearers who salt the Earth with examples of His truth and illuminate the path to heaven.


Lord, We ask courage and fortitude to be light-bearers and truth speakers of Your love for humanity. Help us shine your grace and mercy into this world through our words and actions.

Call to Action

 Today, look for an opportunity to radiate the love of Christ into someone’s life. Be courageous! Whether in small ways or grand, find an opportunity to share the merciful and tender heart of Jesus Christ.

Today’s author is MaryBeth Eberhard spends most of her time laughing as she and her husband parent and school their eight children. She has both a biological son and an adopted daughter who have a rare neuromuscular condition called arthrogryposis and writes frequently about the life experiences of a large family and special needs. Read more of her work at

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