By Lynne Keating



“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” ~ Phillipians 4:7

The Trial

Margie and I became fast friends almost as soon as we met. She’s a better driver than I am, better with finances; she’s kinder & more generous than me – cheerful, honest, straightforward – not overtly religious – but she loves God and is not the least bit timid about sharing that fact with everyone, even strangers. Unfortunately, when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, several other things started to go haywire in her life: her heart, her kidneys, a seriously bruised hand, and something other than her health as well. I wondered if her cheerful demeanor would fade, if her generosity would start to shrivel, or if her love of God would turn into a disappointed distraction.

The Defense

I blinked at her response: “God’s got me,” she chirped, “If He needs me to suffer, I will. If it’s His time to take me home, I’m good with that. But if He wants me to do more, I’ll stay!” In the midst of all this, she felt that God wanted her to visit her brother, so she traveled miles away to see him. As soon as she arrived, Hurricane Ivan decided to make landfall on the exact spot where she was staying. TV Meteorologists highlighted it with ominous red swirls, flashing images of floods and destruction. “What’s going on, God?” I blinked again.

The Verdict

Margie returned and had her surgery. Hurricane Ivan never came near her, and miraculously, all her other problems just settled down. “I’m back!” she smiled at me. I’ve read the book of Job and the lives of Saints who willingly welcomed whatever came their way. But honestly, I thought those stories were a bit made up or at least polished up. But this is what the book of Job looks like in real-time. This is what it means to have the peace that surpasses understanding!



Lord Jesus, in everything I do, and feel, and see, grant me Your peace which surpasses understanding.

Call to Action

In what areas of your life do you need real peace ~ a peace that you realistically can’t attain on your own? Starting this moment, place each one in the hands of Jesus. It’s a management issue anyway – that’s His department.


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