By Laurie J. Schmitt 


 “And he went throughout Galilee,
proclaiming the message in their synagogues
and casting out demons.” ~ Mark 1:39


In today’s gospel passage, Jesus sets the pace and pattern for his followers. The reading shows him cycling through a continual loop of “be, go, do.” Be still and know that I am God. Go out into the world. Do mighty things: heal, teach, serve, save. Repeat.

Coming and Going

The gospel catches Jesus leaving the synagogue, His Father’s house, and “immediately” entering the home of Peter and Andrew, along with James and John. Peter’s mother-in-law is sick with a fever. The passage moves quickly: He enters the house, hears of her illness, goes to her, takes her hand, and lifts her up. In a miraculous instant, she’s cured and gets right to work, serving those around her.

After sunset, the whole city was gathered at the door. Friends brought the sick and possessed to Jesus. He heals the sick and casts out demons, binding them from speaking.

Before sunrise, Jesus slips off to a quiet place of solitude to pray. His friends follow him. “Let’s go on to the next towns,” He says, “This is why I came – to preach, teach and heal.”

How am I doing?

This passage raises a few personal questions for the reader:

What’s your prayer life like? Where do you go to meet with God?
Who’s your crowd? Do they follow Christ?
How do you serve? Have you “lifted “anyone lately, bringing healing to body, mind, and soul?

Our faith may be seen in action, but it stems from who we are and who we have allowed ourselves to become. We are created as human beings, not human doings, and are called to be a blend of both active and contemplative, social and solitary, extroverted and introspective. Are we able to keep up with Christ? He expects us, as his friends and followers, to heal, teach and serve, and above all, to pray.


Lord, grant me the graces of discipline and desire. Call me to come to “a quiet place.” Deepen my prayer life. Help me to pray always, confident that you already know my troubles and trials. Let me give back all that you have given me, for your Glory and for the salvation of souls.

Call to Action

Christ calls us to serve, but sometimes we’re so busy that our prayer life may fall to the bottom of our to-do list. Christ wants us to “be still and know” Him. He wants an intimate relationship with each one of us. Where’s your quiet place to meet Christ? When do you meet Him? Make space in your everyday routine to meet Christ. He’s waiting for you.


Today’s post is by Laurie J. Schmitt, a mother of nine, has published several chapter books and picture books for children. Her stories center on Catholic historical figures and events, highlighting Church truth and tradition, encouraging young readers to meet the challenge of living the faith today. Read Laurie’s articles at; follow her at and on Instagram @LaurieSchmittbooks.


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