By Deanna Bartalini 


crucified Jesus


“And the people stood by watching, but the leaders scoffed at him, saying,
“He saved others; let him save himself if he is the Messiah of God, his chosen one!””
~Luke 23:35


If only they really knew at whom they are scoffing. Jesus, the Messiah, saves Himself by giving away His life. He saves us by giving away His life. Our readings today point to a king who comes with the most profound humility. Christ is our King and example.


Humility is not an easy virtue. St. Paul reminds us Jesus holds all created things together, He is preeminent, and the blood of the cross reconciles all things. Jesus holds us all together. Individually and collectively, Jesus has saved us and given us the fullness of who He is; the King of the Universe.
Of course, the people scoffed; kings are not crucified. Our King was crucified. His humility and deep love for us and His Father allowed Jesus to give Himself over to death. Not many of us will be asked to die for another. But we are called to humility and death to self. In these past few months, we have read of the many miracles and healings of Jesus. We have watched Jesus pray and teach and feed and care. Jesus teaches us to serve others. Yes, humility was needed to accept death on the cross, but humility was also necessary in Jesus’ daily life, as it is ours.

Each Day

How do we follow Jesus each day? First, I think we ask for help, beginning with prayer. We humble ourselves before God. Jesus gave us the example of prayer. And then we put our prayer into action, into service.
What service, you may be asking? The service of others, but you don’t need to go far at all to serve. You start right where you are, yes, right here. In your home, your car, the playground, the store, your office, your parish, and your community, begin where you are! The older I get, the more I realize the perfect time. The best situation I once waited for to start doing what God called me to was not going to happen. So jump in now, as you are asked, and do what needs to be done right before you. It’s not beneath you or a waste of your talents or time. If a task needs to be done and you can do it, go and do it. Serve the people God has given you to serve.
Before you run out and try to save the world, remember Jesus has done that already. I say this, somewhat tongue in cheek, recalling the exuberance of my youth and the desire to save the world. Humility is remembering that God is God, and I am not.



Dear Jesus, You are my King. You are the ultimate example of humility, service, and death to self. I humbly ask you to help me to grow in humility, service, and death to self.

Call to Action

 Today, don’t complain about tasks that need to be done. Embrace them with humility.



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