By Deanna Bartalini




“You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.” ~ Luke 12:40


Jesus is coming, but we do not know when. And our goal as Christians is not to simply “look busy” but to be about the work that is ours to do. Many years ago, I heard the acronym for ‘busy’ – Being Under Satan’s Yoke. It can be true that our busyness is more about the need to do something to fill our time and look productive rather than focus on what is truly important.

Is Busy Enough?

St. Paul gives us a glimpse into what is essential in the first reading when he tells us we are coheirs and copartners, that we have the promise of Jesus Christ, and are meant to share His Gospel. What does that mean that we are copartners? It means we do not walk our faith adventure alone. We walk with a Trinitarian God, Father, Son, and Spirit who are not up there somewhere but right here, with us in our daily life, full of joys and struggles. We walk with all the saints, named and unnamed, who have gone before us. We walk with our fellow believers in our family, friends, and community. We are not meant to go through life alone. We are meant to be in community with each other. And we are meant to serve.

Just as the servants were responsible for their tasks, we have the same responsibility. Once you heed the call to be a Christian, you respond by doing the will of God. We do the tasks in front of us faithfully and purposefully. We have all been given much, and as Jesus tells us, much will be expected of us. This is our reminder, our marching orders, to live responsibly so that when Jesus comes, we are ready.



Lord, as I go about my work today, help me to focus on what it essential and important, according to you.


Call to Action

Find some time today to go through your task list. Do your tasks reflect your love for the Lord and those He has out in your life? If it does, excellent. If not, what can you do to change that?


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