By Lori Ubowski


playing keyboard


And God, who knows the human heart, testified to them by giving them the Holy Spirit,
just as he did to us;  and in cleansing their hearts by faith
he has made no distinction between them and us.
~ Acts 15:8-9


One warm, breezy Saturday afternoon, I spent a few hours serenading locals at a favorite taco and beer spot. Live music, savory food, and good company is the fabric of our town and something I genuinely enjoy being a part of. On this particular day, I was still rather new at this type of venue, and it was my first time at this location, so I was not quite sure what to expect.

I Didn’t Mean to Make You Cry

Not too far into my set, a shy teenager was moved to cautiously approach my keyboard, drop a few dollars in my tip jar, and say, “I really love your music.” Later, two ladies jokingly called out in between two songs, “Please! No more sad songs, we can’t take it!” (they were referring to my Norah Jones and Adele covers, I’m sure, haha). Then, during a break, they shared with me that one had dragged the other out to try and cheer her up because she had been going through a heartbreaking divorce. The music brought her to tears, and even though she may not have described it this way, she had experienced healing through the support of a friend, the beauty of music, and, ultimately, the Holy Spirit.

Let’s Go Hang Out, Jesus!

I was deeply moved by the stirring in the hearts of the sweet teenager and the grieving woman and the unexpectedness of “bringing Jesus” into this environment. It reminded me that this is right where Jesus would be. He didn’t confine himself to those who already knew him. He sat with sinners and tax collectors (Luke 5:30-32), and he continually sought after all of his beloved children regardless of who and where they were (Matthew 18:12-14).


Heavenly Father, we ask that you open our eyes and hearts and immerse us in places where you reveal to us your Holy Spirit inspired opportunities for unexpected, genuine evangelization!

Call to Action

My friends, I encourage you to continue “doing the good work” in the vineyard. Joyfully and creatively use your God-given gifts and passions in your everyday life to bring glory to the Lord. Evangelization doesn’t have to be organized or commissioned. Each of us can evangelize as we go about our day, simply being a witness in simple and humble ways.


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