By Kerry McGuire


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           “Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News.”
Psalm 117:1


Praise the Lord!

As a cradle Catholic growing up in Tulsa, OK, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, I had friends and acquaintances of many faiths—Southern Baptist, Church of Christ, evangelical, non-denominational, you name it. There seemed to be a church on every corner!

Most of my Protestant friends had one thing in common: The zeal to share the Gospel message to all the world found in today’s Responsorial Psalm 117. Many took this to heart at a very young age. 

Me? Not so much.  

I was in the religious minority at my public school, neighborhood, and social circles for years. I never felt entirely comfortable or confident enough to share my Catholic faith. 

It was a move to Houston, TX, in my mid-thirties when I joined a dynamic Catholic community that lifted me up and helped me grow deeper in my faith. I took to heart the words said after each Mass when we are sent to go forth and share the Good News.

Do as Jesus Would Do

Paul’s message in Galatians Chapter Two today gives all Christians, regardless of religious affiliation, a roadmap to follow when sharing the Gospel. Essentially, we follow in Jesus’ footsteps through the following:

  • We are to be inclusive and not hold anyone in higher esteem, which means we warmly invite all people to join the Family of God.
  • We are to preserve the Word by sharing the truth and handing it down to future generations.
  • We are to generously love and serve those he puts into our path daily, especially the poor.
  • We are to encourage one another and build up the Body of Christ as a unified front.


Lord Jesus, help all Christians to work together as a unified Church to bring Jesus’ light and love to all people however we are called each day.

Call to Action

Ask for the intercession of St. Faustina on her Feast Day and slowly pray the Our Father, line by line, as Jesus taught his disciples to do in today’s Gospel.


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