By Alyssa Bormes


Pizza gift


“There was a rich man who was dressed in purple
and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously every day..
~Luke 16:19


I like to gamble. It’s been years since I’ve been to a casino. Instead, I like to bet on the streets.

“Whoa—isn’t this an article on evangelization?”


Sometimes the currency is actual money, but I’ve been known to use gift cards, food, and once—a pizza.

“You gambled with a pizza?”


I ordered a pizza from my favorite spot. As I drove to get it, a woman was begging, but she was across the street; I drove past. However, her sons were with her, maybe 9 and 10 years old. They might really like a pizza.

The Holy Spirit Moment

The argument in my head went something like this…. Wait—it wasn’t an argument in my head; it was me reminding the Holy Spirit how much I was craving the pizza, how expensive it was, and how I needed it. 

The Holy Spirit was not persuaded.

I got the pizza and reminded Him that it was easier for me to make a right turn out of the parking lot rather than a left turn back to the mother and boys. But unfortunately, the Holy Spirit did not fall for it. 

I plied Him with, “I had to wait an hour for the pizza.” He reminded me of the time He spent trying to get my attention in the 1980s. 

Not one to give up, “It was so expensive!” He prompted, “Give it away.” 

I turned back to the mom and boys; by the time I arrived, I was full of joy. We chatted a bit; the boys’ eyes were huge and happy as they opened the box. What happened was a little meeting of Christ for all of us.

Beyond Pizza

In my wallet, I keep a supply of $10 gift cards to the grocery store to give away. I’ve purchased meals for people, even sitting with them at times. I’ve handed over mittens, blankets, money, sandwiches, a host of other things, and one time even a beef roast. It’s all a gamble.

Spiritually, I have stood on many street corners begging from passersby. Perhaps Jesus is the one pulling out of the parking lot, but He doesn’t argue with Holy Spirit. Instead, He drives to me, rolls down the window, and, in what seems like a wild bet, there is no pizza in the box at all—instead, my eyes are huge and happy when I discover that it’s mercy!


Jesus, please drive by with that pizza box of mercy. Then help me to do the same to someone else.

Call to Action

Take a gamble on someone. Do it in the name of Christ!




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