By Lynne Keating


on the plain


“For the creation waits with eager longing
for the revealing of the children of God.” ~ Romans 8:19

The Sons of God

I remember the moment when Pope Saint John Paul II gave us the Luminous Mysteries. It felt like some tectonic shift took place like the whole world caught its breath as if it had been waiting for this to happen. I wondered, “What just happened?”

In time, I learned that these mysteries illuminate the interior life of a soul in search of God’s Kingdom on earth. In Baptism, the First Luminous Mystery, we enter into the faith. Like the couple needing more wine, the Second Luminous Mystery, we experience God’s providence. With the crowds who gathered for the Sermon on the Mount, the Third Glorious Mystery, we follow. There, Jesus reveals the experiences and rewards of those who live in God’s Kingdom right now – the Beatitudes! Though still affected by the realities and circumstances that cause mourning and suffering, we maintain joy – often unrecognizable to the world. Even in suffering, the inner peace of God never leaves the sons of God; we remain authentically free.

Beatitude – The Process of Becoming 

 When insulted, we interiorly smile because Christ likens us to the prophets. When we choose not to argue or fight back, we remember that the meek will inherit the earth. When we resist an unkind or sinful impulse, we look forward to God’s consolations. Such is the life of a soul who lives within the Kingdom of God while still on earth.

Approaching the 4th Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration, we strive to become Christ-like and are changed in a visible way. Ultimately, the 5th Luminous Mystery invites us to accept Christ’s invitation to “Do this in memory of me.”

 By these things, we reveal the keys to God’s Kingdom on earth to the world, which has been waiting – longing – for us!


Lord Jesus, help my “becoming,” that I may live in your Kingdom right now, every day, and into all eternity.

Call to Action

Read today’s Gospel account of the Sermon on the Mount. Consider using the Beatitudes as your Examination of Conscience to prepare yourself for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


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