By Amber Cerveny

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It is well with those who deal generously and lend,
    who conduct their affairs with justice. ~ Psalm 112:5

Walking into church on Sundays, I came to expect to see Bill. Bill was quite the character. He was homeless and had many struggles but became a loved fixture in the Parish community.

Do We See Others?

At first, I wondered if I would encounter him, and then one day, I realized I was hoping I would.
Seeing Bill meant that he was ok; he had made it through another rough night on the streets. Seeing Bill also meant I was likely to get a story. He usually had a story and beer, which probably made some of his stories pretty interesting. But, most importantly, I believe every time I saw Bill, I was seeing Christ.

Do We Serve Others?

I was not alone in that sentiment because I witnessed many people in the parish try to help Bill. The Pastors were gracious and loving towards him, despite the many challenges he would sometimes present. Many parishioners were quick to get him a cup of coffee, a meal, or a coat. They were undoubtedly cheerful givers who were gracious and loving towards him, which is why I suspect he spent so much time at the church. Those who served Bill were serving Christ and today’s Gospel says, “The Father will honor whoever serves me.” When we are unsure of how to live out our faith, if we are questioning our service to the Lord, I think turning towards the most vulnerable to serve is a great place to start.

Yesterday I found out that Bill had passed away. I pray that he knows peace and healing now. I pray that he felt the love of the parish community and that it made a difference.

We all have a Bill in our life. It is sometimes a character that is hard to help. May the women of WINE have the courage and wisdom always to be gracious and lend to those in need.



Lord, today we pray for the repose of the soul of Bill and all of your children who pass from this life to the next without family and community to lift them up.

Call to Action

Find a Bill in your life, someone who not only needs you but, most importantly, needs Christ. That could be someone right in your home, and maybe it is someone you have never met. Pray that God shows you who is most in need and how you can help.


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