By Pamela Patnode, Ed.D., OblSB


table set for return of master


 “By faith Abraham obeyed…
because he considered him faithful who had promised.”
~Hebrews 11:8a, 11b

This has been a challenging summer. War, division, vandalism, and rage seem to describe much of what we observe in the culture, the secular media, and on social media. Yet, amidst this unsettled cultural climate, today’s readings call us to have faith, to trust in the One calling us, and to prepare. Abraham models what sincere Christian living should look like: he had faith in the One, true God, and he obeyed.

Finding Balance in Life

This past year, I spent much time seeking balance in life. Although my children were growing and “leaving the nest,” my life did not slow down. Instead, the pace of life seemed to be accelerating. Thus, I pursued balance in life. What I discovered in my search, however, was that, in observing the saints, I noticed that they did not seek balance; rather, they sought to follow God’s will obediently. 

At times, being faithful to God’s will demands a busy pace of life. At other times, the will of God demands a halt in activity. The catch is to know God’s will for our lives. It is true that rhythm, harmony, order, and (yes, even) balance are essential. Yet, I discovered that these are the fruit of seeking, discerning, and obediently following God’s will.

The ”Plank” in My Own Eye

I have also noticed that it is easy for me to recognize the unwillingness to obey God’s will among those calling for rage. However, today’s readings challenge me to look within my own heart at the areas where I resist God’s will in my life. Is God calling me to pray more? Is He asking me to forgive another? Is God inviting me to guard my tongue against gossip? Is He challenging me to limit my use of social media and screens? Is God asking me to return to the confessional? Today, I am reminded to consider God’s will for me, to have faith in Him, and to obey.


God, help me to “listen with the ear of my heart” to Your voice. Give me the grace to know Your will, to do Your will, and to do it well.

Call to Action

Slowly re-read today’s readings. What jumps out at you? How is God calling you into a closer relationship? Write down one thing that God is asking of you, and prayerfully ask God to give you the grace to follow through and obey.



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