By Andrea Gibbs



Remember the marvels Lord has done!
Sing to him, sing his praise, proclaim all his wonderous deeds.
Glory in his name!
~ Psalm 105: 2-3


In my short forty years of life, I had never been so boldly confident in my prayers as I was this past week. I often come to God in gentle thanksgiving for my blessings, confused and searching for an answer, or humbly interceding on my family and friends’ behalf. Last week was different.
The emergency room doctor told us that our son’s medical situation, although not life-threatening, was going to cause him permeant and lasting damage. As she left the room, the doctor apologized for the heavy news she had just delivered and told us that we would need a miracle. I turned immediately to our son, “We need a miracle and WE have a God that is the God of miracles!”

Our son asked me to pray aloud over him before the ambulance rushed him away to a new hospital for the surgery. I prayed in confidence for the God of miracles to provide. I prayed for our mother Mary to intercede on our behalf for our son’s health to improve. Lastly, I prayed in expectation of the positive outcome of the surgery we would receive. As the ambulance lights and sirens made clear our path up 35W, I texted a small group of prayer warrior friends to pray. My husband also reached out to our priest to share the news and ask for his prayer intercession.

With the exception of one security guard, I was alone in the enormous family waiting room, and I paced, praying the rosary out loud. We had been told that ideally, the surgery would happen within 4 hours and that it needed to happen within 6 hours. I glanced at the TV monitor as his status changed to let me know surgery had finally begun, now at the 10 ½ hour mark. The boldness in faith I had all afternoon continued, and I was stunned at the peace I felt.

An hour later, I sat in the post-operation room as evening fell outside, holding our son’s hand and crying as I delivered the good news of the surgery results. God had provided the miracle. The surgeon was perplexed by the situation. Our son was amazed; all day long, the medical staff had not shied away from speaking about their lack of confidence over the outcome of his medical situation. He asked me again to pray aloud over him.

“You are truly the God of miracles! Lord, use this day to bring glory to You and use this to increase the faith of medical professionals we encountered. Thank you, Mama Mary for your prayers on our behalf. All praise and glory be to you Heavenly Father for the faithfulness in answering our bold prayers today.”


We do remember, Lord, the marvels you have done. We will continue to proclaim you and your wondrous deeds. Glory be your name forever!

Call to Action

Read the Psalm 105: 2-3, 36-37,42-43. Pray for an increased faith on behalf of anyone you feel called to place in this prayer. “God, you are the God of miracles! Increase the boldness in faith of my dear friend_______. My friend______ need’s supernatural faith to call on you, and to trust despite what is seen. Help banish away any areas of unbelief. Help lead _____to be courageous in prayer too.”


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