The “disciple Jesus loves” has a masterful way of conveying two meanings in a message—one which appears on the surface and one hidden deep beneath. With the opening words, “In the beginning,” the Gospel of John establishes a parallel with the book of Genesis, encompassing Creation, the Fall, and Redemption, and nestled in all three, is the “woman.” This pattern continues in chapter 2, The Marriage at Cana.

On the surface, the setting (a marriage in Cana), guests (the mother of Jesus, Jesus, and his disciples), problem (“the wine failed”), and solution (an intercession and a miracle) all reveal a powerful graspable lesson. Yet, beneath the surface, layers of symbolism run deep. Through it all, through every hidden treasure, one thing is evident: the Messiah’s mission is linked to the figure of the woman, Mary.
~ Kelly Wahlquist (Lesson Five Reflection)

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