By LeAnn Thieman


“Where a lone man may be overcome, two together can resist. A three-ply cord is not easily broken.”
~Ecclesiates 4:12

The foundation for a good marriage is a mutual love of and trust in God. As we grow as individuals and as partners it is crucial that we grow spiritually, together, as well. 

These five tips will strengthen your relationship with God and each other:

  1. Pray together. Say grace at meals. If this practice is new for you, simply saying, “Bless this food,” is a great start. Pray at bedtime. Formal prayers can be recited, and/or each of you can simply list all of the things for which you are grateful and for whom you wish to pray. Holding hands in prayer deepens your connection to each other and to God. Set aside ten minutes a day for daily prayer together. A daily devotional book is a good way to get started. 
  2. Attend church together weekly. See it as a priority, not an option or inconvenience. Make a list of what you are looking for in a church and “shop” around until you find one that meets most of your criteria. (Like people, few churches are perfect.) If an agreement cannot be reached, consider taking turns going to each other’s church every other week.  Get involved in a few of your church activities together.
  3. Listen to inspirational speakers and music at home or while driving in your car. Sing along! Discuss the lyrics and messages as it relates to your faith.
  4. Do good deeds together. Give of your time, talents, and treasures. Whether it’s dropping coins in red Salvation Army buckets at Christmas or working in a soup kitchen, donate money, goods, and service to those in need. Tithe to your church with confidence that God will give back in even greater proportion!  
  5. Honor each other and your vows. See marriage as a calling from God and take pride in the privilege of fulfilling God’s plan for you as a couple. Speak only lovingly to each other, with respect, patience, and understanding. Talk about your faith openly and pray for and count on God’s guidance for your marriage. Go to a marriage retreat where trained people help you communicate your faith, your needs, and your deepening love for one another. 

The opening scripture verse sums up the importance of growing spiritually as a couple with God as the third partner in your marriage. When you deepen your commitment to each other, your relationship, and to God, the fabric of your marriage will be so much stronger.


Heavenly Father, help my husband and me to grow closer to You, for it is there where we grow closer to each other.

Call to Action

Read these 5 tips together with your husband. Reflect on which of these you are currently doing. Which could you do better? Make a plan to focus on just one to start, to deepen your love for each other and your God. 


About the Author

LeAnn Thieman is a motivational Hall of Fame Speaker and the coauthor of
Chicken Soup Soul: Living Catholic Faith, and the 4 books series by Sophia Institute Press, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism.




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